• The Top Two Benefits of Omnichannel Retailing

    To stay current, brick-and-mortar stores are redefining the in-store experience to make it a more convenient one. Today’s consumers are used to being online all the time, engaged in several different channels at once – like watching TV while browsing Facebook on their iPad or smartphone. Channels are starting to run together. Consumers expect brick-and-mortar […]

  • 3 Steps to Designing a Successful Shopping Experience

    The shopping experience is what is keeping the brick-and-mortar retail sector alive. Without a more-than-satisfactory experience, shoppers will surely turn to showrooming and online shopping. Here’s how to shape your shoppers’ experience: 1. Make a good first impression The shopping experience begins before shoppers have even entered the store – with advertising, branding, competitor research […]

  • Why Retailers Need Analytics to Drive Business Decisions

    As the retail sector grows and the economy stays the same, it is becoming increasingly important for retailers to use metrics to make smart business decisions. Aberdeen’s 2012 Human Capital Management Trends study found that the most common pressures driving human capital management efforts are economic certain uncertainty requiring greater efficiency – cited by 46 […]

  • How Retailers Can Leverage Social Marketing and Branding

    Social marketing and branding allow existing and future customers to see your brand more often and in more places. If the only place that they are engaging with your brand is in your brick-and-mortar store, then your items will be out of sight and out of mind. By the numbers: According to the American Marketing […]

  • How to Use a People Counting System to Justify Your Requests

    People counting technology is crucial for justifying requests because it answers questions that a POS system cannot. This is especially true in the case of nonprofit organizations and learning facilities like public libraries, museums and university centers. People counting data provides insight into the amount of people being serviced by these facilities and the amount […]