• Capture the Elusive Teenage Demographic with Customer Counters

    Teenagers are as unpredictable as the weather—happy and sunny one hour and then clouding over with the storms the next. Teenagers are about as fickle as they come—much to the dismay of parents and teachers everywhere. Retailers who cater to these consumers are equally baffled and have spent the last several years trying to figure […]

  • Organized Retail Crime is Still an Issue, but People Counters Can Help

    In 2004, the National Retail Federation released its first report about organized retail crime (ORC). ORC is an organized crime ring of shoplifters who steal items from stores—usually common household things like detergent, baby formula, premium denim, allergy medicine and cell phones—and sell  it to unsuspecting customers Ten years later, organized retail crime gangs are […]

  • People Counting Solutions: Do Colleges’ Shiny New Buildings Hide a Secret?

    If you’ve got kids, chances are, you know college is expensive. Whether your kids are still in diapers or getting ready to graduate high school, you’re probably very familiar with the looming cost of higher education. As the cost of a four-year degree continues to rise, enrollment is declining. In 2012, the number of students […]