Why Use Wireless People Counting Sensors?

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wireless people counting sensorsInstalling wireless people counting sensors can make capturing traffic data easier and can help you better understand your business. Wireless people counting sensors are a simple solution for a variety of business types, from retailers and restaurants to museums and libraries to casinos and more.

If you’re struggling to make business decisions about labor optimization, facility management, promotion effectiveness, and customer service, people counters can provide the foundation for making more informed decisions.  You’ll be able to measure your high and low traffic times, sales conversion rates, the effectiveness of store layout, and more.

Although there are many options available, wireless people counting sensors offer some advantages over their hardwired counterparts.

1. Avoid complicated installation

Wiring a people counting system can be a highly involved process with a lot of hidden complications. Hiring an electrician is expensive, and while they work on the installation, you will have to close your doors to customers. Complications can arise if your wiring is outdated or incompatible too, extending the process and causing you more unnecessary headaches.

Wireless people counting sensors take the stress away from the installation process. The easy-to-use sensors can be mounted in door frames or walls. The simplicity of battery operation lets you turn it on, place it anywhere, and start monitoring traffic data.

2. Various mounting options

Without power source restrictions, you’re free to place your wireless people counting sensor anywhere. These sensors offer both wall and door frame mounting capabilities, so you can place them in entrances and throughout your store.

Flexibility in mounting options will enable you to gain valuable information about what store layouts are most effective and what areas are most trafficked. Your freedom to experiment will empower you to improve the flow of customers throughout your establishment. For example, you can place high demand items near the back of the store to draw customers through all your displays. A more efficient layout can also improve customer satisfaction with improved convenience.

The mobility provided by wireless people counting sensors allows discreet placement, away from the customers view. This inconspicuous placement can also help prevent theft.

3. Cost effective option

Wireless people counting sensors are reasonably priced and are a less expensive investment than wired counters. You won’t be missing out on the opportunity costs associated with closing your store to rewire, but you’ll still have access to valuable data that can help you reduce costs and improve sales.

For example, you’ll be able to create a profile of high and low traffic periods. Identifying these trends will allow you to staff your store appropriately based on customer demand. Paying employees is expensive, so having the optimal number of employees on staff helps improve your bottom line.

Understanding your staffing needs with wireless people counting sensors also improves customer service capabilities. If you recognize higher trafficked periods and have more staff available, customers will be able to find the help they need and be able to efficiently checkout.

In the long run, installing wireless people counting sensors is an easy solution that will improve your business management while still remaining cost effective.