• 3 Ways People Counters Help Determine the Effectiveness of In-Store Promotions

    Promotional displays and other in-store promotions are a visually and logistically-effective way to sell products. They grab the customer’s attention, are set up in locations convenient to the customer, and sometimes offer a discount on the product being displayed. People counters can help test the effectiveness of these displays and sales promotions in several ways. […]

  • Why Retailers Should Be Using Bi-Directional People Counters

    What is a Bi-directional people counter? Bi-directional people counters differentiate between when someone is entering and when someone is exiting an area. Other people counters can only count how many times someone passes through a doorway, which can potentially skew your results. Glean accurate sales conversion rate data. Bi-directional people counters allow you to track […]