4 Ways You Can Benefit from a Retail Store Traffic Counter

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Retail Traffic People Counting - Traf-Sys Blog

Do you want insight into what’s happening in your retail store? A retail store traffic counter is a great tool for revealing important metrics like how effective your promotions are and how best to manage your workforce.

A traffic counter is an electronic system that measures traffic flow into your store or into a particular zone in your st

ore. As you review the data yielded over time from a retail store traffic counter, you’ll notice trends in traffic volume and can adjust your operations accordingly to trim expenses and boost profits.

Determine the effectiveness of your advertising and promotions

You’re running ads — but are they working? Traffic counter data can help determine how your media campaigns are performing. For example, if you want to check the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you can compare your average traffic to the traffic on the day of the sale.­

Retail store traffic counters can also influence how you manage in-store promotional displays. By placing retail store traffic counters in different sections of your store, such as electronics or home improvement, the technology can help identify which areas in your store receive the most traffic, thereby revealing the locations where displays might best perform.

Know where more staff is needed for better service

You have associates roaming the store floor — but are they delivering customer service where it’s needed most? Retail store traffic counters can help you discover where best to distribute your workforce to elevate customer service. Your workforce can become one of your best assets in the pushback against “showrooming.” This is simply done by having staff members readily available to help customers find the items they are looking for.

But, how do you determine where staff members need to be in order to be “readily available”? You can leverage traffic counters to understand where your labor should be located throughout your store to enhance service and improve conversion. For example, you may need to increase staffing levels in your fitting rooms, which usually feature high traffic. Fitting room associates can assist customers with finding the right sizes and can aid with up-selling and cross-selling by suggesting additional products that may complement the items they’re already considering.

Use stats to know when most staff is needed

If you have an eye on workforce optimization, consider what retail store traffic counters can offer. Traffic data can help you determine how best to schedule associates to match the volume of shoppers, ensuring workers are on hand during times of peak demand but not standing around aimlessly when traffic is at its lowest.

Prevent theft by staffing appropriately

Loss prevention is a top-of-mind concern for every retailer, and a retail store traffic counter can be a critical tool to stem the tide of theft and shrinkage. From individual shoplifters to organized crime gangs, retail theft is a growing problem that costs retailers around the world a total of $123.4 billion, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer’s 2014-2015 report.

Retail traffic counters aid in determining the ideal shopper-to-associate staffing ratio, which is beneficial not only to providing customer service but also to keeping an eye on individuals in your store who may have unsavory intentions. Retail thieves often strike during busy times when staff may be occupied with assisting shoppers. They may also take advantage of unattended fitting rooms — walking into a stall with multiple items but walking out empty-handed. By ensuring you have the right number of workers scheduled at any given time, you can begin to reduce your shrinkage without a substantial increase in labor costs.

When you begin to analyze the data yielded by a retail store traffic counter, you’ll find numerous ways to optimize your store operations, right-size your expenses, elevate customer service, and set the stage for better conversion rates and profits. Traf-Sys people counting systems can help provide you with the shopper traffic information you can use to optimize your retail business. Contact a representative today to learn your options.