Part II: How People Counting Solutions Improve Retail Customer Experience

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happy retailersThe customer experience that you provide in your store is the bedrock of your success as a retailer. People counting solutions can provide valuable insights that reveal opportunities to improve customer service, optimize staffing, and boost your sales.

Here are a few examples of how traffic counters can benefit your store.

Does Footfall = Conversion?

At a bare minimum, people counting solutions track the number of shoppers flowing through your store so you know the times of day, week, month, and year that traffic is highest and lowest. Generally speaking, the higher the footfall, the higher the conversion rate, and vice versa.

However, if you’re noticing that conversion rates remain stubbornly low during periods of high traffic, there might be something amiss within your four walls. Using insights from your people counting solution, you can adjust your store strategies to increase your conversion. Perhaps you can rethink the placement of promotional displays in your store so that these products are seen by the greatest number of shoppers during times of peak demand. Use insights from your point of sale (POS) system to determine your best-selling items and position those products in the areas of the store that receive the most foot traffic, according to your people counting solution. Or consider running promotions to attract new shoppers into your store if want to see your conversion rate rise.

Whatever the case, a mismatch between foot traffic and conversion rate is a sure sign that you need to do something differently to get those figures more evenly aligned. The conversion rate is a telltale sign of your store’s health; use every strategy at your disposal to remedy a rate that seems to be “under the weather.”

All Hands on Deck

People counting solutions provide the data-driven insights you need to streamline your labor scheduling. Instead of staffing shifts according to how many workers you think you need, you can review historical data from your traffic counter to better gauge precisely how many employees should be scheduled at any given time. This way you can avoid paying too many workers to staff your slowest periods when there aren’t many shoppers around, while still being sufficiently prepared to handle a crush of customers during your rush hours.

Leveraging people counting solutions for scheduling:

  • Saves you money by optimizing your headcount
  • Determines the best times for workers to take their breaks
  • Ensures customers are receiving the best possible staff-assisted service at all times

Go Where the People Are

Instead of keeping your sales associates clustered around the checkout counter direct workers to where the shoppers are. Review data from your people counting solution to understand which parts of the store are attracting the greatest number of customers. If you’re seeing high volume through aisle 4, then make it part of your strategy to always have an associate positioned in that area to answer customer queries, look up inventory information, and assist with whatever else shoppers may need. Maybe your dressing room is always busy. Is an employee available there to retrieve additional sizes, suggest other styles and options, and generally keep the rooms tidy and available for customers to use?

Remember that the customer is always right, so if you’re hearing feedback from your shoppers about ways to improve your store, it’s in your best interest to take them seriously. Don’t ignore complaints that customers can’t find a sales associate to help them look up an out-of-stock item or that there’s never anyone to ring up a sale at 2:30 p.m.

Used with customer feedback, people counting solutions offer valuable insights about the best ways to improve your in-store experience and keep shoppers coming back to your business.

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