How Casinos Can Monitor New Areas with a People Counter Wireless Installation

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casino benefits from wireless installationCasinos are big business in the United States, raking in more than $71 billion as of 2015, but despite that impressive number, every gaming business is focused squarely on that Holy Grail: growth. To achieve this goal, many casinos are expanding into new areas and need cost-efficient solutions to monitor their progress. People counter wireless installations are one option that casinos can leverage to assess business and keep costs down.

Monitor More Spaces

Wireless installations give casinos the flexibility to get people-counting technology into spaces where they couldn’t previously go. The high cost of wiring your facility for traditional people-counting devices can be prohibitive — not to mention the hassle of having to close down sections of your building while rewiring is going on and revenue is lost in the process.

Your people counter wireless installation also can give you a detailed look at how traffic flows through your facility. If you note that certain areas tend to be congested, you can use this knowledge to devise solutions to reroute visitors and avoid bottlenecks.

Keep Eyes on All of Your Attractions

Casinos are much more than just slot machines and blackjack tables. From spas and restaurants to concert halls and theaters, casinos contain a seemingly endless array of entertainment options. Today casino owners can leverage wireless people counters to monitor these areas of their facilities to understand how they’re being utilized. The rich data provided by people counter wireless installations can reveal which attractions are a big draw and which ones could use an extra marketing push to drum up more interest and foot traffic. Using the concrete statistics from your people counters, you can allocate your marketing budget more efficiently.

How Are Your New Games Working Out?

So you just installed some new gaming tables. With wireless people counters mounted in these areas, you can easily assess how well new gaming areas are performing. Are they attracting large crowds or are the tables mostly empty? Look to the data from your people-counting wireless installations to determine whether you need to promote awareness of new gaming tables and other new attractions.

Money-Saving Solutions

People walk into casinos with dollars in their eyes, but as a casino owner, you’re looking to save money — or at least spend smartly. When it comes to people counting technology, wireless installations are attractive for many reasons, though their low cost likely stands out the most. Battery-operated wireless installations don’t compromise on people-counting accuracy or quality and enable greater flexibility in where they can be mounted including over doorways and in ceilings.

Security and Maintenance

With all of the currency changing hands, security in casinos is a top priority. To ensure that security staff are deployed most effectively, use your people counting wireless installations to identify “hotspots” that consistently yield high traffic volumes. Beyond the obvious, such as the cashier’s window or the high-roller table, maybe you’ll find that some unusual or unexpected areas of your business could use additional security staffing.

The same holds true for other key staff members such as maintenance employees. As a round-the-clock business, casinos don’t have the luxury of downtime, although certain times of day may see a lull in the action. Data from your people counter wireless installation can show you the best times of the day, week, month and year to deploy maintenance staff for tasks both mundane and significant.

With so many benefits and a minimal investment, wireless people counters are a smart investment for casinos that want to improve operations while keeping costs under control.