Traf-Sys 900 mhZ Pulse Transmitter

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900mhz pulse transmitter

900 mhZ Pulse Transmitter

For use with wireless thermal sensors

Data Controller / Accessories

Don’t want to run Cat 5 cabling to the front of your facility, or upgrade a legacy local area network (LAN)? The Traf-Sys Wireless Thermal Sensor is the answer.

Using a 900 MHz proprietary wireless protocol, the Wireless Transmitter can communicate up to 1,200 feet to the data controller, providing secure data communication without interfering with nearby 802.11 WiFi signals.

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  • Thermal sensor contains all the same counting capabilities as the IP connected model.
  • Local 110V power, instead of a network connection, is used in your entrance ceiling where the sensor is mounted.
  • Works extremely well in facilities where running Cat 5 cabling is difficult or impossible.
  • 900 MHz frequency-hopping ensures that your WiFi or other wireless devices won’t be disturbed.
  • Wireless range can be extended with repeaters to accommodate nearly any building layout.
  • One transmitter supports daisy-chain connections to multiple people counting devices (wide area entrance).
  • Size: 4.125” x 2.25” x 1.125”
  • Casing: ABS Plastic
  • Connection: 900 MHz wireless
  • Display: Integrated 6-digit LCD display indicating total counts
  • Mounting: Side or Front Firing IR Beam (switch selectable)
  • IR Sensor Range: 20 ft max
  • Radio Range: Up to 500 ft indoor radio range
  • Power: 3.6v lithium; up to 1.5 to 2 years battery life; Optional AC adapters available
  • Environment: Indoor environments free from obstruction between sensors

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