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Prompt, attentive customer service is essential in today’s highly competitive banking/financial industry. Traf-Sys offers advanced people counting systems for banks that help you gain better control of the foot traffic in your facility. Our technology enables you to streamline your processes and deliver the excellent service your customers demand and deserve. 

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    Benefits of People Counters for Banking

    Traf-Sys counters and software offer numerous benefits for banking institutions:

    • Determine real-time occupancy levels: Through our people counting system you will know the total number of people in your building at all times.
    • Temporary layout changes: Maintaining appropriate social distancing is another coronavirus-related challenge that many banks face these days. Our counters can identify areas where customers tend to cluster so you can make layout and traffic flow upgrades as needed.
    • Assess daily traffic flow: Data provided by our counting systems indicates the peak and slower times at your facility. You can then adjust staffing requirements and target promotional activities accordingly.
    • Performance comparisons: Our counters provide valuable benchmarking information for multibranch banking institutions. Use the data to determine which business and marketing strategies work well in your top-performing branches so you can apply them to others that aren’t meeting expectations.
    • Measure marketing effectiveness: A bank occupancy counter enables you to determine increases in foot traffic after launching a promotional campaign. You’ll know how well your marketing efforts are working and identify opportunities for improvements.
    Eclipse Video Sensor
    Spectrum Series 3D People Counter


    Gazelle Series People Counter
    Z-900 Uni-directional
    Z-900 Unidirectional
    OmniCounter Bi-Directional
    Omni-Counter Pro



    Traf-Sys Bank People Counter Products

    We offer several people counters to serve the banking/finance industry:

    • SafeEntry: Use this cloud-based counter and software to ensure your building’s occupancy level does not exceed mandated or self-imposed limits.
    • Eclipse Video SensorThe Eclipse video counter works in tandem with VisiCount people and reporting software to monitor foot traffic and generate informative datasets. 
    • OmniCounterThis bidirectional people counter offers a flexible, wireless solution you can mount on a wall or door frame.
    • Spectrum SeriesOur 3D people counter utilizes cutting-edge imaging technology and VisiCount software to generate and deliver highly accurate pedestrian traffic data. 

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    Discover how people counting systems from Traf-Sys can deliver actionable data that helps you improve performance and provide better service to your banking customers. Contact us to get more information and request a free quote today.