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  • Four Truths Revealed with Timely Traffic Data February 5, 2015 by Chris Wadsworth For retailers, restaurants, and other establishments that rely on customer traffic to survive, measuring the health of the business on a day-by-day (even an hour-by-hour) basis is critical. Reports from the point-of-sale (POS) paint part of the picture, but they need to be combined with timely traffic data to reveal four key truths: 1) High… Read more
  • Four Steps for Optimizing Your People Counting Data January 22, 2015 by Chris Wadsworth Today’s people counting technologies are capable of gathering a wide range of detailed data, offering significant insights into key business metrics that include conversion rates, promotion effectiveness, and staffing levels. By its nature, this people counting information isn’t static: it changes with each passing minute, hour, and day. Likewise, getting the most from this wealth… Read more
  • How People Counting Fits into the Future of Retail Analytics December 17, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retail analytics technologies, already a considerable focus of industry interest, are primed for a significant “growth spurt” during the next few years. Looking across 10 major retail sectors, ABI Research has projected that this market will grow to over $3 billion by 2018. Much of this growth will come from existing technologies, such as people… Read more
  • How People Counters Can Help Retailers Manage Holiday Shoppers December 15, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retailers are keenly aware of the importance of the holiday season to their bottom lines. After all, “Black Friday” got its name because it was traditionally the day merchants moved into the black (i.e. profitability) as holiday shopping gained momentum. The old maxim is still accurate: holiday season sales accounted for nearly one-fifth (19.2%) of… Read more
  • New Year’s Resolution: Make Better Informed Business Decisions with Traffic Data December 12, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth As the New Year draws closer, people begin to think about goals to set for the up and coming year. Have you begun to think about the New Year’s resolution for your business? If you haven’t, it’s time to get started. We’ll even give you a hand. If you haven’t already, gain the competitive advantage… Read more
  • How to Choose a People Counting System Provider December 10, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth One of the most difficult factors in any technology purchase decision is selecting the right provider. Often, the choice is not clear-cut – particularly when different vendors offer products with similar features and within similar price ranges. In all cases, it’s critical to choose a people counting system provider that will do more than simply… Read more
  • Is a People Counter Right for My Business? December 3, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth As e-commerce continues to take ever-larger shares of the consumer “wallet,” brick-and-mortar retailers are sharpening their focus on the in-store experience. To make the most of their investment in physical locations, retailers are seeking ways to maximize the return on each customer’s visit. However, boosting this type of ROI requires accurately measuring when, and how,… Read more
  • How Understanding Shopper Counting Can Improve the Customer Experience November 27, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Giving your shoppers a high-quality and highly enjoyable shopping experience is the key to ensuring that they visit your business again. Shopper counting and understanding how foot traffic moves and flows through your store can help you drastically improve your customers’ experience. 1. Display Promotions Using people counters in separate sections of your store allows… Read more
  • Advantages of Using a Battery Powered Wireless People Counter November 19, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Are you looking for a cost effective way to determine the foot traffic in your place of business? If you aren’t, you should be. If you are, have you considered your wireless people counter options? There are several options available to you in regards to wireless people counters. But, let’s re-examine why you’d want to… Read more
  • 4 Ways Visitor Centers Can Benefit from Traffic Counting November 11, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Historical landmarks are commonly marked by visitor centers. Many tourists take these visitor centers for granted. However, due to tightening budgets, it can be difficult to upkeep and staff them appropriately. Traffic counting could be the solution that you may be looking for in regards to reporting and tracking historical trends. Often visitor centers are… Read more