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  • security staffing 4 Ways to Ensure University Security Staffing is Covered March 15, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth Security is a top priority on university campuses. In order to safeguard their students, employees, facilities and other assets, university leaders must right-size their security staffing strategy. How Well Do You Know Your Campus Foot Traffic? The best starting point is to leverage data from your traffic counter to begin to get a handle on… Read more
  • casino benefits from wireless installation How Casinos Can Monitor New Areas with a People Counter Wireless Installation March 1, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth Casinos are big business in the United States, raking in more than $71 billion as of 2015, but despite that impressive number, every gaming business is focused squarely on that Holy Grail: growth. To achieve this goal, many casinos are expanding into new areas and need cost-efficient solutions to monitor their progress. People counter wireless… Read more
  • 4 Tips for Keeping Your Seasonal Business Healthy All Year Long February 15, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth Operating a seasonal business is not without its challenges. The gap between peak and shoulder seasons can be overwhelming. Get a head start on creating a healthy year-round business with these four tips. Get to Know Your Industry Sales Cycles and Master Money Management Do some research on the typical sales cycles that characterize your… Read more
  • future of retail The Future of Retail in 2017 February 1, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth What does the future of retail hold? A seismic shift in the market is underway, and retailers are racing to ensure they’re able to meet the needs of demanding shoppers. Fast, Faster, Fastest You might be tired of hearing it, but Amazon has changed the game in terms of consumer expectations of delivery speed. With… Read more
  • customer engagement on social media How Retailers Use Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement January 15, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth If you’re looking for current, creative ways to boost customer engagement, then embracing the power of social media may be just the answer you’re seeking. From Facebook to Snapchat and everything in between, social platforms can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and converting customers into brand enthusiasts. What’s more, you can… Read more
  • Team - retail staff Hire the Right Retail Staff: 4 Pointers January 1, 2017 by Chris Wadsworth   No matter how good you may be at spotting talent, most retailers can use a refresh when evaluating their hiring processes. It’s no secret that employees are among a business’s most valuable resources, but you need to have the right people to run a productive, efficient, successful business. The first thing you need to… Read more
  • prevent library budget cuts Can People Counters Prevent Library Budget Cuts? December 15, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Libraries everywhere are competing for fewer financial resources these days, even as their importance to their communities grows. So what can institutions do to prevent library budget cuts and continue to expand and serve their patrons? Libraries have evolved into more than just a destination for academia and research. They are critical community spaces, serving… Read more
  • foot traffic trends Use Your People Counting Software to Identify Your 2016 Retail Foot Traffic Trends December 1, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth With the close of 2016 upon us, it’s a good time to take a critical look back at how your business performed over the past 12 months and uncover traffic trends that can help you identify opportunities in the year ahead. Your people counting software is a treasure trove of valuable data, brimming with actionable… Read more
  • shopper on phone disruptive technology Disruptive Technology: The Smartphone Wielding Customer Is Not the Enemy November 15, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Take a look at the shoppers in your stores and you’ll note that many of them have one thing in common: their eyes are glued to their smartphones as they shop. This rise in “smartphone-savvy shoppers” has left many retailers shaking in their boots; the greatest fear is that these consumers are engaging in “showrooming,”… Read more
  • employee brand ambassadors Why Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors? November 1, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth These days when you hear the phrase “brand ambassador,” it’s usually referring to an influencer talking up your brand to the world on social media. But many businesses are realizing that some of their greatest brand ambassadors are actually within their own companies: engaged, enthusiastic employees. According to a Gallup poll, companies with high employee… Read more