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  • The Truths Your Retail Foot Traffic Can Tell June 10, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth In retail, a people counting system is one of the best ways to uncover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about where people are most commonly walking through your store. Instead of guessing when it comes to staffing, sales conversions, and other aspects of your business, retail foot traffic data provided… Read more
  • Omnichannel Retail Trends that Could Save Your Brick-and-Mortar Location May 25, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Looking for ways to provide a better customer experience in your brick-and-mortar store and better position yourself against the competition? Consider how traffic counting solutions can tap into four important omnichannel retail trends and help boost in-store business. Prime Location It’s a tale as old as time; real estate boils down to location, location, location.… Read more
  • How to Improve Museum Visitor Experience May 18, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Museums are always popular destinations, promising to usher visitors into new, enriching, and novel experiences. But while you may be focused on installing the latest technologies to keep visitor numbers up at your museum — and that certainly has its place — there’s really one simple approach to improve the museum visitor experience across the… Read more
  • Part II: How People Counting Solutions Improve Retail Customer Experience April 28, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth The customer experience that you provide in your store is the bedrock of your success as a retailer. People counting solutions can provide valuable insights that reveal opportunities to improve customer service, optimize staffing, and boost your sales. Here are a few examples of how traffic counters can benefit your store. Does Footfall = Conversion?… Read more
  • Part I: Why Providing an Exceptional Retail Customer Experience Is Critical to Modern Retail April 26, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth What are you doing to help your physical store rise to the top? There are a number of little things you can do to offer a great retail customer experience, from keeping your store neat, tidy and fresh, to hosting events that attract local personalities. But consider these three ways to provide a modern retail… Read more
  • How to Benefit from Thermal People Counters March 15, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth In the world of people counters, there’s a solution for every possible circumstance. If you’re looking for a system that can operate effectively in a tricky setting and enhance your operations, consider how you can benefit from a thermal people counter and discover the versatile ways this system can transform your business. Thermal people counters… Read more
  • Benefits of Outdoor People Counter Solutions March 10, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Use Outdoor Pedestrian Counters To Collect Foot Traffic Data Once you begin exploring the options available with people counters, you’ll quickly discover the wide range of systems available on the market. There’s a solution for virtually every setting, situation, and scenario. If you need an outdoor people counter system, you need a solution to provide… Read more
  • 3 Ways to Determine Funding with Campus Visitor Counters February 24, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth These days you have to fight for every possible dollar you can get to subsidize higher education, so when you’re requesting funding for new projects and activities on your campus, you’ll need to provide data that the money will be used for a worthy project. With so many parties competing for their slice of a… Read more
  • 4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Customer Counter January 27, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Before you choose your customer counter, do you really know what you’re getting? It’s easy to assume that every counter is equal, but in reality, each system has its particular strengths. What are horizontal versus overhead customer counters? A horizontal customer counter is a great way to start using people counting technology. Horizontal customer counters… Read more
  • 4 Ways You Can Benefit from a Retail Store Traffic Counter January 15, 2016 by Chris Wadsworth Do you want insight into what’s happening in your retail store? A retail store traffic counter is a great tool for revealing important metrics like how effective your promotions are and how best to manage your workforce. A traffic counter is an electronic system that measures traffic flow into your store or into a particular… Read more