Traf-Sys BoostaCount 418/900 mhZ Repeater

Extend Your Wireless PeopleCounter with BoostAcount

BoostaCount 418/900 mhZ Repeater


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Do you need to send your wireless people counter data through walls or floors? Is your CompuCount located more than 200 feet from your wireless counters? If the answer to either question is “yes,” you need a BoostAcount Repeater.

The BoostAcount receives 418 MHz and 900 MHz signals from Walker Wireless counters and retransmits the information at 900 MHz. The counter data can be sent to additional BoostAcounts or to the CompuCount receiver. The BoostAcount can receive signals from up to 50 Walker Wireless counters within a range of up to 1,500 feet (indoor range of the 900 MHz transceiver. The 418 MHz transceiver has a maximum range of 200 feet). The BoostAcount requires electrical power and comes complete with an AC adapter.

Key features of the BoostAcount include:

  • Automatic randomization and collision avoidance ensures reliable data transmissions from your counters to your CompuCount
  • CRC-16 Error Checked Radio Data assures data accuracy
  • Radios comply with Part 15 of FCC rules; no special licensing required
  • Can be placed on a desktop, installed on a wall, or mounted behind a ceiling panel

What is Required

BoostaCount Reapeter

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