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If you need to aggregate traffic data from multiple entrances throughout your retail store or facility, the CompuCount can help. This small, but powerful device collects data from up to 16 Traf-Sys Peoplecounters, and it stores the data until the device can be connected to a computer via Ethernet.

The CompuCount presents data in an HTML format, making it viewable with any Web browser running on the laptop or desktop computer connected to the device. The CompuCount uses an electrical power supply, and each device is assigned its own IP address to identify specific locations.

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  • 418 MHz (up to 200 feet indoor range) and 900 MHz (up to 1,500 feet indoor range) options
  • No dedicated computer connection is required; data is stored within the device until connected to a computer
  • Flexibility to collect traffic data by the half hour, hour, day, week, or month
  • Half hour counts are stored for 3 months; daily counts are stored for 1.5 years
  • Count data can be exported to create charts, graphs and reports
  • CRC-16 Error Checked Radio Data assures data accuracy
  • One year warranty

What is required

Network Connectivity Required Network Connection

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