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  • Retail Counting Systems: Understanding Technology Options before You Purchase October 29, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retail counting systems collect invaluable information for your establishment. If you are a business owner looking to install a retail counting system within your store, you have several options to choose from. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option against your business’s needs. Keep your facility in mind as you… Read more
  • How Understanding Retail Store Traffic Flow Can Improve Conversion October 20, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Use Store Traffic Data To Make Well-Informed Decisions The layout of your store has an immediate effect on your shoppers – your retail store’s layout determines the way that traffic flows through your establishment. The better you understand retail store traffic, the more effective your store layout will be. Additionally, research indicates that stores that… Read more
  • The Benefits of Installing Wireless People Counters October 8, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth If you’re a business owner looking to install some kind of people counting system, consider purchasing a wireless people counter. The benefits that wireless counting provide are various. Traffic retail counting solutions have been proven valuable time and time again for making well-informed business decisions regarding your store layout and key staff scheduling times. If… Read more
  • Do Universities Need People Counting Software? September 10, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Public colleges and universities across the country have been seeing their budgets slashed.  Last year, nearly every state in the US spent about 28 percent less on their institutions of higher learning than they did in 2008. Arizona and New Hampshire cut their funding in half, while 11 states cut it by a third. These… Read more
  • Counting People Can Maximize Store Potential September 5, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Counting people can tell someone a lot about a business, especially when it comes to marketing and customer service. At the very basic level, you can assume that a store with a high or steady level of foot traffic must be doing something right: its advertising draws people in, shoppers know they can find what… Read more
  • People Counting Software: Four Key Performance Indicators Retailers Should Pay Attention To August 13, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth A steady decline in foot traffic over a given period will result in decreased sales in about 13 months. It’s important to know how many people are coming into your store and why they are choosing to shop there as opposed to another similar business. People counting software and its related performance indicators can help… Read more
  • How to Select the Right Type of Customer Counter for Your Business August 4, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth So you've decided to take the plunge into customer counting! There are many options to choose from, so take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed.  Customer counters count the people who enter and exit your store. They can also be used in municipal buildings, libraries and universities. Contact Us How to Select Customer Counters… Read more
  • How to Use People Counting Technology to Improve Facility Management April 2, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth You don’t need to be a hardcore environmentalist to know that cutting your energy costs is good and reducing your carbon footprint is even better. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Earth, but investing large amounts of money in fancy eco-friendly technology and sustainable practices is counterproductive if these measures are not implemented for… Read more
  • The Difference Between Foot Traffic and Conversion Rates February 12, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retailers may become frustrated with their people counting system when they are not able to access information about their conversion rates or analyze a change in that data. And retailers who have not yet implemented a people counting system may be skeptical of its effectiveness for that same reason. Both groups have failed to recognize… Read more
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing a People Counter January 22, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Making the decision to streamline your building’s operations with a people counting system is easy. The hard part is finding ideal people counter for your building’s unique entranceway or busy area. This guide will help you distinguish between the different kinds of people counters and determine which matches your business needs. What you need to… Read more