Counting Basics

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  • Why Should I Measure Foot Traffic? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions) June 5, 2013 by Chris Wadsworth Today, customers have more choices about where to shop—both in-store and online--than ever before, so business owners need to have better insight when it comes to planning a new location, advertising campaign, staff scheduling and security. It used to be enough to ask people, “how did you hear about us?” to gauge the effectiveness of… Read more
  • How to Select the Right Retail Traffic Counter April 25, 2013 by Chris Wadsworth Have you decided that your company is finally ready to implement a retail traffic counter, but are unsure which one will be the best for you? Each company is different and has their own unique needs; therefore, they should choose a traffic counting solution that suits those specific needs. Before making your final decision, there… Read more