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Thank you for taking the first step toward implementing people counters in your library by downloading our Guide to Library People Counter Systems. At Traf-Sys, we believe libraries play a crucial role in local communities.

In this guide, you can expect to learn more about the purpose of people counters and how to use people counters in your library. You will also learn about:

  • The different types of people counting systems
  • The reasons you may need a people counting system
  • The ways improvements in technology improve library spaces
  • The importance of data collection for libraries
  • The ways the data from a people tracking system can improve a library
  • The staffing needs and challenges of a modern library
  • The library budget development process
  • The budget cuts that have affected libraries

A people counter can help you gather the accurate data you need to serve the community better. When you invest in a people counting system for your library, you can use your resources and time more efficiently. By partnering with us at Traf-Sys, you won’t have to choose between tracking your patrons and taking care of visitors.

Whether you track a simple metric like how many patrons visit your library daily or a more complex metric like how long patrons stay in different sections in your facility, you can use the counter’s data to improve your services and your operations. Along with libraries, we provide software and sensors that measure foot traffic for spaces like stores, universities, airports, casinos and office restrooms.

When you’re interested in our solutions, contact us at Traf-Sys today with your questions or to learn more about our people counting system.