Traf-Sys IP Connected Thermal Counter

Is a thermal sensor right for you?

IP Connected Thermal Counter

Thermal Imaging People Counter

Overhead People Counting Sensor

In some retail stores or facilities, where the main entrance receives a lot of direct sunlight, traditional people counters are inadequate. A thermal people counter, which uses heat to detect people traffic, however, is the perfect fit.

Thermal Sensor Features

Thermal imaging people counters are among the most accurate counters around. Sensors can be networked together to accommodate wide openings with no compromise in accuracy. A Traf-Sys Thermal People Counting system features:

  • Data transfer via an IP network
  • Detection patterns that can be customized to any entrance
  • Auto-adaptation microprocessor that responds to changes in the environment
  • Compact sensor, which provides low visual footprint
  • Built-in self-monitoring system to alert users of any equipment problems
  • Sensors can be networked together for wide-opening entrances

Placement and Installation

A Traf-Sys Thermal People Counting system requires a network connection, and is ideally suited for an environment where it can be installed at least 11.5 feet high. We also offer Thermal People Counters that can be mounted as high as 27 feet — either to a ceiling or a wall (mounted on a bracket).

Each thermal door counter sensor has a pair of lines that distinguish inbound and outbound traffic. The lines can be moved and curved independently of each other, enabling customization for any environment.

Left: the thermal sensor view
Right: the same view from a video camera

What is Required

Network Connectivity Required
VisiCount Software Required
VisiCount Software Required

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  • Size: 4.5″ round; 2″ deep
  • Casing: ABS Plastic
  • Connection: RJ-45 female; daisy-chain among multiple sensors
  • Wireless: Requires a Traf-Sys Wireless Transmitter for wireless connectivity
  • Interfaces: Traf-Sys Wireless Transmitter; Traf-Sys MIU Data Controller
  • Mounting: Traf-Sys mounting base with built-in wiring connector
  • Entrance Application: Can cover 3 to 10 feet wide entrances per sensor; up to 80 feet wide entrances with multiple networked sensors
  • Optimum Mounting Height: 11.5 feet for 60° version; 20 feet for 40° version; 27 feet for 20° version
  • Calibration: Auto Calibration; Manual Calibration using Traf-Sys Counter Tool Software
  • Power: 12-24 volts DC; 1 A; Power Connection: RJ-45, Pin #2 positive, Pin #4 negative
  • Operation: Count detection via contact closure (relay)
  • Statistics: In Counts; Out Counts; Heartbeat diagnostics
  • Detection Area: Conical; 90% of mounting height; maximum width: 11 feet