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MIU-1000 Data Controller

Data Controller

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If you have sophisticated traffic counting needs, such as the need to collect and analyze data from multiple sensors, the Traf-Sys MIU-1000 Data Controller, used with VisiCount software, is the right choice for you. The data controller comes with three wireless connectivity options (418 MHz, 900 MHz, or 2.4 GHz) and is compatible with all Traf-Sys people counting sensors (Vision Apex, Thermal Sensors, Z-Series and OmniCounter Beam Sensors).

Each MIU-1000 Data Controller can accommodate up to 20 counting devices and supports HTML and XML web integration.

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  • Customizable alert and event utility
  • Easy setup and integration with Traf-Sys VisiCount software, enabling management of thousands of MIUs
  • Push- or pull-data exchange options
  • 12,000 record archive capacity

What is Required

Network Connectivity Required Network Connection VisiCount Software Required VisiCount Software

Compatible With

Wireless Thermal Sensors

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