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Your museum exposes the public to art, history and culture that enhance their understanding of the world. To achieve your mission of enriching your community, you need to know how your patrons use your facilities. Visitor numbers offer critical insights into the impact of your art exhibits, events and operations. A robust people counting system can keep track of your patrons’ activities so that you can make informed decisions for your museum’s success.

Traf-Sys offers door traffic counter technology created for businesses and public sector organizations alike. Our software and hardware provide accurate traffic data that helps museums get funding, design programming and create promotions. Discover why organizations across the United States count on Traf-Sys for traffic data that makes an impact.

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    Using Traf-Sys’ Museum People Counters for Success

    With visitor traffic insights from Traf-Sys, you can transform the ways you serve your patrons. Use our people counter to:

    • Manage employee and security staffing: Discover your peak hours and off times to design employee shifts around visitor demand. Schedule more or fewer administrative and security staff based on the time of the day.
    • Measure the impact of your exhibits: Learn how much traffic your exhibits receive to gauge their impact on your visitors, and pinpoint exhibits that succeed and those that need further development.
    • Determine the success of events and shows: Compare traffic numbers for your events to understand which ones draw public interest. Manage your programming schedule in accordance with your visitors’ responses.
    • Optimize display placement: Determine the busiest areas of your facility to place displays according to exposure. Design your facility layout to bring critical displays more attention.
    • Request funding for future programming: Use visitor traffic data to support funding applications for vital areas of programming. Create compelling, data-driven proposals that get results.

    Depending on your museum’s needs, you could find even more growth strategies involving visitor numbers. The team at Traf-Sys can help you find a people counting solution that fits your budget and goals.

    How Does Traf-Sys Calculate Your Museum’s Visitor Count?

    At Traf-Sys, we offer a full range of people counting technologies that accommodate different facilities and organizations. You may choose from overhead or horizontal counting hardware that suit various doorway sizes. Our devices can use thermal or video sensors to count the people who pass through the tracked area. After the hardware counts the number of people who pass through, our software processes the data. Traf-Sys’ people counting software can generate reports and insights that drive results.

    We offer our robust technology at an affordable price that many small organizations can fit into their budgets. With accuracy rates up to 99 percent, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a valuable people counting solution.

    Enhance Museum Operations With Traf-Sys Door Counters.

    Let data drive your museum programming with Traf-Sys’ people counting solutions. Our customer representatives will collaborate with you to create a traffic information strategy that aligns with your operational goals. We can work together to find a people counting solution that increases your museum’s cultural impact. Contact one of our team members today to get a free quote.

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