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The “Not Polled” status in your polling report indicates that the data for that time period has not been retrieved yet or is not retrievable. You may see this status on your MIU device if the device has had a date/time update recently or if the MIU device was turned off during that time. This may also indicate a connectivity problem with your MIU.

If you are seeing this status daily, then there may be a problem with power or connectivity to your MIU device. First, check connectivity to the MIU. You should be able to connect using one of the available configuration programs or the http interface for the MIU (if available). If you are unable to connect, then it’s likely your VisiCount server is unable to connect as well. Check network connections between the server and the MIU and make sure the MIU is powered on.

It is recommended that your MIU device remains powered on at all times even while your facility is closed. This allows for longer device lifetime and ensures data consistency.