Polling Report Offline

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The “Offline” status in your polling report indicates that your wireless sensors were not communicating with your wireless data controller (or MIU) during that time period. This usually indicates that the sensors were turned off or your data controller was experiencing difficulty in receiving data from your sensor. First, you should check your sensor to make sure it is powered on.

Some sensors may appear to be on even when they are off, so it’s important you check the manual for your sensor to make sure is operating properly.

If the sensor is operating properly, then it is likely that you are having a wireless transmission problem between the sensor and your data controller. This means that the sensor is sending data packets over the air, but those packets are not able to reach your data controller for some reason. This could be due to distance, physical obstructions in the area or other wireless interference. In this case, you may need to move your data controller closer to where your sensors are installed, or you can have a wireless repeater installed at a midpoint to boost the signal of your wireless sensors.