Traf-Sys RS-485 Signal Converter: Extend

Your Legacy People Counter Investment

RS-485 Signal Converter

Use with dry contact beam detectors

Data Controller
Data Controllers / Accessories

As your business grows, your traffic counting needs will, too, but that doesn’t mean you should have to replace all your legacy equipment right away. The Traf-Sys RS-485 Signal Converter helps you extend your legacy people counter investment by retrofitting it with our advanced people counting solutions.

With the Traf-Sys RS-485 Signal Converter, you can connect the Traf-Sys MIU-1000 Data Controller and VisiCount software with numerous third-party beam products (e.g. Optex, Banner) and take your traffic counting to the next level. The MIU-1000 Data Controller allows you to collect data from up to 20 counting devices, and with the assistance of the Traf-Sys VisiCount software you can create management-level reports that can be presented in chart, tabular, or drill-down formats.

Key features of the Traf-Sys RS-485 Signal Converter include:

  • Extend the value of your legacy people counters
  • Connect your legacy beam products with the Traf-Sys MIU-1000 Data Controller and VisiCount premier reporting and analysis software
  • Start reaping the benefits of flexible, interactive reporting software that’s customized to fit your business
RS-485 Signal Convertor

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