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SafeEntry From Traf-Sys

Businesses across the U.S. are opening up their stores amid lessening COVID-19 restrictions. Pandemic restrictions require the implementation of maximum occupancy rules in retail areas, shopping malls, and a variety of public buildings. Many store owners have responded to these requirements by assigning personnel to control and monitor customer traffic at the entrances. 

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Many businesses are turning to building occupancy counters to safely and accurately tally incoming and outgoing traffic. As a business owner, investing in live occupancy monitoring devices is an excellent way to show your employees and customers that you care about their safety.  

The Importance of Counters for Store Occupancy 

People counting technologies help keep everyone safe amid the COVID-19 crisis. Retailers can accurately calculate and monitor the number of people occupying a building at any given time. Occupancy counter sensors help managers access the information they need to keep staff and customers via real-time data. 

Live occupancy monitoring devices are now being used in pharmacies, retail stores, and other public buildings to control density occupancy and promote social distancing as standard measures to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

SafeEntry: A Live Occupancy Monitoring Device

SafeEntry is a cloud-based building occupancy counter with sophisticated algorithms to help businesses optimize staffing and traffic flow. The SafeEntry portal is compatible with your existing tablets, phones, or computers for reliable live occupancy monitoring.

To start using SafeEntry, position one team member at each of your store’s entrances. From there, employees can activate SafeEntry occupancy counter sensor technology by inputting the IN and OUT traffic into their device. 

Why Choose SafeEntry as Your Building Occupancy Counter Sensor?

SafeEntry allows for efficient, live occupancy monitoring for essential businesses such as banks, hospitals, drugstores, and supermarkets as well as retail stores and shopping malls. Benefits of choosing SafeEntry as your building occupancy counter include:

  • Shows the number of patrons that are “Safe to Admit” at any given moment
  • Monitors an unlimited amount of entrances, stores or buildings
  • Allows you to set your own occupancy limits
  • Instantly and automatically sums up the combined IN and OUT foot traffic from all entrances before calculating an occupancy number for all team members to see
  • Does not require additional hardware; no installation necessary 

Accurately Monitor Store Occupancy With SafeEntry 

As you prepare to open your building to the public, it’s essential to invest in occupancy counting and monitoring devices. SafeEntry from Traf-Sys Inc. is a high-precision people counting device suitable for any environment. 

SafeEntry uses the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible to count incoming and outgoing traffic while protecting the privacy of staff and customers. The occupancy counter sensor is easy to set up and can be used by any employee with a phone, tablet, or computer.

Interested in learning more about people counting? Contact Traf-Sys today for more information about monitoring your store’s occupancy levels with SafeEntry.