Connectivity Instruction & Installation Manuals

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BoostaCount Reapeter

Wireless Repeater

Traf-Sys Wireless Repeaters can be used to boost the wireless performance of your People Counters and extend the reach of your wireless transmission. This device will receive the signal of nearby People Counting Devices, then re-transmit the signal using an omni directional antenna.

  • Wireless Repeater InstructionsThis manual will assist you with the installation and troubleshooting of the Traf-sys wireless repeater for people counters.
900mhz pulse transmitter

Wireless Transmitter

The Traf-Sys People Counting Wireless Transmitter is the interface between a People Counting Device without integrated wireless capability and our wireless data controllers. They use a proprietary wireless protocol to communicate to the data controller. The wireless communication will not interfere with a nearby 802.11 connection.