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Gazelle Series People Counters

Power-Over-Ethernet Overhead Thermal People Counters & Gazelle Dual-View with Video Validation

Overhead People Counting Sensors

The Gazelle Series People Counter provides an accurate people counting solution with built-in Ethernet Connectivity. There are several versions of the Gazelle series that can be combined to suit your needs. All require VisiCount software and POE connections.

  • Gazelle DualView People Counters include video detection along with thermal detection to offer absolute verification capability provided by a live, real-time video feed. This also allows the counter to be configured locally or remotely with a high degree of certainty and accuracy.
  • Gazelle IP People Counters offer thermal detection without the video camera. These devices offer the same thermal counting accuracy and remote configuration without video.
  • Gazelle IP Node People Counters can be used in conjunction with the Gazelle DualView or Gazelle IP master devices to provide wide-opening counting capability over an extended area.
  • Gazelle Relay Output People Counters are typically used with a wireless transmitter to provide connectivity in cases where network cabling is not available.

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When Thermal Counters Make the Most Sense

Thermal counting sensors detect body heat to accurately count people in a given space, and it’s how they function that makes them so versatile and useful in everything from retail to office spaces and beyond.

Unlike traditional horizontal people counters that operate on an infrared beam that lacks precision across wide entrances, or video-based counters that may be confused by too much or too little light, thermal people counters are known for their high level of accuracy. Over the years, we’ve helped more than 17,000 locations make use of people counting technology — and we can report that thermal counting units are capable of 95 to 99 percent accuracy levels. This precision makes them the prime choice for retailers who prize accuracy above all else in a counting system.

In addition to their accuracy, thermal people counters offer the following advantages over other types of counting technology:

  • They’re not affected by lighting conditions: As long as there aren’t drastic temperature changes where they’re used, thermal units operate well — even when bright lights, low ambient light and shadows would throw off the accuracy of video-based units.
  • They’re designed to be discreet: While horizontal infrared units can easily be spotted on door frames and in entrances, thermal units are usually ceiling-mounted and can be installed more than 25 feet off the ground. This position makes them a much more inconspicuous way of tracking customer numbers.
  • They’re effective across wide spaces: Since they use heat to register their readings, thermal units aren’t confused by wide open areas and can even differentiate between people entering and leaving a given space.
  • They facilitate green operations: For businesses that prefer to operate in a more sustainable fashion, thermal people counting sensors can help inform decisions about when it’s smart to turn down or shut off HVAC systems based on the occupancy of a room or office.
  • Low profile design
  • WideTracker capability for up to 8 units, allowing for effective coverage of entrances up to 118 feet wide at maximum mounting height
  • Customizable count zones adapt virtually to any entrance
  • Operation independent of ambient light
  • Web-browser set-up tool for remote configuration
  • Simple Power-Over-Ethernet connection
  • Tamper-proof enclosure mounts in the ceiling, out of harm’s way
  • Data is stored during a power loss
  • Handles high volume traffic

What is required

Network Connectivity Required Network Connection VisiCount Software Required VisiCount Software

  • Size: 7.5” x 4.37″ x 2.5″
  • Casing: ABS Plastic
  • Optimum Mounting Height: 7.5 to 15 feet for 60 degree lens; 15 to 22 feet for 40 degree lens
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE); Optional 24 VDC power supply if PoE is not available
  • Interfaces: Built-in Ethernet connection for configuration and data access
  • Connection: RJ-45 female; daisy-chain connection among multiple sensors
  • Mounting: Traf-Sys Mounting Base
  • Calibration: Built-in Web Browser configuration software requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin (available as a free download from Microsoft)
  • Environment: Indoor environments free from rapid changes in temperature or humidity

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