Traf-Sys Z-Pro People Counters

All the Traffic Counting Essentials in a Small Footprint

Z-Pro Wireless

Wired Display-Only Horizontal Counter
Stand-alone horizontal unit. Not part of a counter system.

Discontinued Product as of May 2013
Check out the OmniCounter Pro Wireless

Horizontal People Counter
Horizontal Wired / Wireless People Counting Sensors

The Traf-Sys Z-Pro People Counters are designed for retail stores or facilities that need a reliable traffic counter with flexible mounting options, the convenience of battery power, and a small form factor. If you’re looking for an affordable door-frame mount or wall-mount traffic counting solution, you’ll want to consider this people counter.

The Traf-Sys Z-Pro People Counters are small in size, light weight, and easy to install. These standalone counting solutions can cover an Infrared (IR) distance of up to 20 feet, and can be configured for either front firing or side firing IR installations. Each counter is powered by 3.6v lithium batteries (lasts up to two years) and includes an LCD display, which shows the total number of counts recorded.

What separates the Traf-Sys Z-Pro from others in its class is its accuracy. The counter’s built-in sensing technology is never confused by color, size, or ambient lighting. People who cross the detection area will be counted.

Key features of the Traf-Sys Z-Pro People Counters include:

  • Realize the true profit potential of your operation with accurate traffic statistics
  • People crossing the detection area are counted
  • Flexible design allows for door frame mount or wall mount
  • Sensing technology is never confused by color, size or ambient lighting
  • Unique serial number identifies specific doors and locations
  • Battery-powered, no electrical wiring required
  • Optional AC adapters available for direct power connections
  • Small size, light weight, fast and easy installation

What is Required

VisiCount Software Required
VisiCount Software Required

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Optional Omni Counter Door BracketZ-series Power Accessory