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  • people counting at the office Smart Building Trends November 12, 2021 by Traf-Sys The past few years have made everyone from business owners to employees and consumers rethink the role of physical stores and office buildings. Online shopping and working from home rose in popularity during the pandemic, and business owners can learn a lot from the technology that made those areas thrive.  With many offices and stores… Read more
  • Woman online shopping in a brick and mortar coffee shop Clicks and Bricks: 3 Reasons Omnichannel is Important in the Retail World August 1, 2018 by Chris Wadsworth We’ve all read the headlines. Millennials are killing industries left and right. Currently on the chopping block: brick-and-mortar stores. Regardless of whether you believe the hype or you feel like these stories are just sensational pieces made to move papers, it is worth considering what current shopping behaviors are relevant now. Online is becoming more… Read more
  • Trend Report: Back-to-School Buying Doesn’t Hit The Mark September 17, 2013 by Chris Wadsworth Last Month’s Low Retail Numbers: What They Mean In 2010 and 2011, the recession caused U.S. parents to be concerned with saving money during the back-to-school shopping season, seeking sales and reusing old supplies. In 2012, they spent a record high since the recession set in. This year, it was expected that they would cut… Read more
  • Trend report: 2013 Back-to-school season July 24, 2013 by Chris Wadsworth This August, parents are doing just as much back-to-school shopping as they did last year – but they’re spending less and shopping smarter. But that doesn’t mean that retailers won’t be making as many transactions as in 2012. Studies show that parents aren’t shopping less, but simply shopping smarter. The NRF reported that 37 percent… Read more
  • Retailers Plan to Invest in Traffic Counting Systems in 2013 February 6, 2013 by Chris Wadsworth In late 2012, Integrated Solutions for Retailers (ISR) magazine surveyed nearly 200 retailers on their plans for technology spending in 2013. Retailers were asked, “In 2013, In Which In-Store Software and Systems Will Your Company Invest?” Small and independent retailers showed up in force, and made their intentions for technology purchasing clear. Throughout 2013, retailers… Read more