• Retail Technology and the Importance of People Counting

    The way we shop is constantly evolving. You may not realize it, but retailers are always looking for ways to draw in new shoppers, retain their customer base and boost their bottom line. Through the years, we’ve seen retail technology change and shape the way we purchase everything from cars to groceries to clothing. Cash […]

  • How a Retail Traffic Counter Can Improve Customer Service

    Customer service is one of the top factors people consider when they decide whether or not to visit your store. The RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report notes that “89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.” A second statistic, from Parature, says that “it takes 12 positive customer […]

  • Do Universities Need People Counting Software?

    Public colleges and universities across the country have been seeing their budgets slashed.  Last year, nearly every state in the US spent about 28 percent less on their institutions of higher learning than they did in 2008. Arizona and New Hampshire cut their funding in half, while 11 states cut it by a third. These […]

  • Counting People Can Maximize Store Potential

    Counting people can tell someone a lot about a business, especially when it comes to marketing and customer service. At the very basic level, you can assume that a store with a high or steady level of foot traffic must be doing something right: its advertising draws people in, shoppers know they can find what […]