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People Counting Systems for Your Facility

Accurately counting traffic that enters your store or facility empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions. Traf-Sys Inc. offers a full range of people counter systems that help organizations collect foot traffic information. Our powerful sensors and people counting software give actionable information that increases efficiency and profitability. With Traf-Sys real-time traffic counters, you can gain vital insights on revenue, staffing and marketing. Make informed operational choices with our robust visitor traffic counting software.

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Find out how a people counting system from Traf-Sys can help your business today!

Why Use People Counting Data?

There are several reasons to implement people counters. Here are the top five reasons our customers use customer counting systems:

Measure Traffic Trends

Use the traffic counting data to support project funding.

Determine Conversion Ratio

Identify true opportunities and improve your conversion with retail counter systems.

Evaluate Effectiveness

With a Traf-Sys people counter, you can measure which promotions work best.

Optimize Staff Labor

Avoid over or under-staffing by getting a better handle on your peak and slow times of the week.

People Counting Leasing

Before signing a long-term lease, know how the new location traffic compares with your current.

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How Do People Counting Systems Work?

When choosing a real-time people counting system, you need to consider your facility’s unique needs. Let Traf-Sys customer support experts help you select the traffic counting solution that best fits your goals. They can guide your decision based on traffic density, accuracy requirements and your entrances’ characteristics. With assistance from the industry’s most reliable team of people counting professionals, you can lead your organization to success.


Industry Uses For People Counting

We provide multiple people counting solutions that suit the unique needs of diverse industries. Thanks to our experience with clients in various sectors, we will design a custom solution geared toward your goals. You can rest assured that your traffic counter will account for the unique needs of your organization. Our representatives can tailor your hardware and software package to meet your specific KPIs and facility layout. See the solutions available for the industries below.

People Counting Gaming Casino
People Counting Retail / Shopping Malls
Retail/Shopping Mall
People Counters for Universities and Public Sector
Public Sector