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There are several reasons to implement people counters. Here are the top five reasons our customers use customer counting systems:
Traffic Trends Over Time

Measuring Your Traffic Trends Over Time
Use the traffic counting data to support project funding.
Determining Your Conversion Ratio

Determining Your Conversion Ratio
Identify true opportunities and improve your conversion with retail counter systems.

Evaluate Advertising & Promotions Effectiveness
With a Traf-Sys people counter, you can measure which promotions work best.
Optimize Labor

Optimize Labor
Avoid over or under-staffing by getting a better handle on your peak and slow times of the week.

Before signing a long-term lease, know how the new location shopper traffic compares with your current location(s).



People Counters

Select the Right Counter

Accurately counting traffic that enters your store or facility empowers organizations to make smarter business decisions. Traf-Sys Inc. offers a wide range of people counters and customer tracking solutions that will help any facility monitor pedestrian traffic. Our people counting solutions provide actionable information that help organizations increase profitability and improve operational efficiency. Easily determine how much sales revenue is being generated in relation to traffic, how much staff is needed, and analyze if promotional activities are successful. With this data, businesses can make more informed decisions about marketing, facilities management, staffing, security, and more.

Every facility is unique, so selecting the right people counting solution for your business can be challenging. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to consult with your organization to select a traffic counting system that best fits the needs of your facility based on important metrics such as traffic density, accuracy requirements, and the physical and environmental characteristics of your entrances.

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