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Our People Counting Systems Are Most Commonly Used In Casinos, Libraries, Airports, Retail And Shopping Malls, And College Campuses


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By utilizing the data collection of traffic, Minnesota State University Moorhead has been able to determine whether it is necessary to boost or reduce staffing as well as determine whether to extend operating hours.

Braden Kuznia

Assistant Director of Event Services, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Discover how Phyllis Gorshe transformed the Dunedin Public Library with Traf-Sys people counting solutions. Hear about the incredible benefits and insights she gained using our technology.

Phyllis Gorshe

Public Library Director, Dunedin

We have noticed numerous benefits by utilizing Traf-Sys people counting systems. It has provided data to help with decision making and has saved us labor by not having to use manual counters. The data we receive from the people counting systems also helps us determine what type of furniture to place at a particular location based on traffic patterns.

Tamene Abebe

Facilities Manager, Colorado State University

The data we receive from our Traf-Sys people counting systems is always valuable when we pull the exact data of how the building is being used for our annual reports. Before using Traf-Sys, we used to think our numbers went down in the summer, but we soon found out that they actually increased.

Dave Shaw

Assistant Director, Facilities, University of Louisville

We benefit from Traf-Sys people counting systems by using our staff more effectively. We have also increased our knowledge of public campaigns and residue public browsing beforehand and afterwards.

Richard Davis

Computer Technician, Pioneer Library System

The Traf-Sys people counting systems have freed our staff from the painstaking and inaccurate manual counts that we used to do. The computerized data is reliable and gives us more credibility when we talk to our patrons.

Donald Tucker

Director of Facilities, Sacramento Public Library Authority

The counters from Traf-Sys are very reliable and have allowed us to collect data without disruption from the day of installation.

Bara Swinson

Circulation Manager, Monroe County Library

I would highly recommend Traf-Sys for traffic count solutions. Our public library system has used their products since 2011 and greatly appreciates the support they provide for the hardware they sell. They are very helpful when questions occur.

George Tuttle

Computer Services Librarian, Piedmont Library