People Counter Support

Installations and Technical Support

Our installation team will work with you to make sure your people counting system is running as accurately as possible. We believe that a proper installation is vital to the continued operation and accuracy of a system. Our technicians are trained to tailor each installation to the target environment in order for you to get the best results from your system. We also have a nation-wide network of technicians who are trained and instructed by our experts in the field of people counting.

Whether you need a handful of installations or hundreds, Traf-Sys is ready to advise and assist you with your project roll-out.

You can contact the Technical Support Group at Traf-Sys via e-mail at, by phone at 1-888-815-6568, or simply by filling out the form.

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If you are looking for hardware manuals or troubleshooting information, please visit our online Knowledge Base.

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