Reduce Queues with People Counting Technology

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businessman's hand & steel grocery cart full of money stacks - iThe ability to collect and analyze information about your in-store performance is invaluable. Determining the effectiveness of layouts, promotions displays, and your checkout queue can be difficult to capture. Sure, it’s possible to glean sales information from your point of sale system, but it can’t tell you a true conversion rate. How many people entered your store’s queue but left without making a purchase? Are sales down but foot traffic the same? What changed?

The answer to all these questions can be determined with people counting technology.

Step 1: Place People Counting Technology in Queue Entrances.

People counting technology can give you the missing piece of information when you’re analyzing your conversion rate. Placing it at key areas can allow you to assess specific aspects of your store. By placing people counting technology at the entrance to your queue, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people have entered your line with the intention to make a purchase.

Step 2: Combine Data with Sales Data from POS System.

Your point of sales system will be able to provide the other half of the equation—sales data. You’ll be able to determine how many people made a purchase for a given amount of time. Make sure that this time period is consistent with the length of time that your people counting technology has been capturing your queue traffic.

Step 3: Evaluate if you are Losing Business in the Queue.

If you are finding that your people counting technology is capturing more footfall than your POS system is capturing sales, you have a problem with your queue. This information can provide you with a baseline for how your queue is performing. Are lines excessively long? Are they dwindling before customers reach the checkout? As you begin making adjustments to your checkout line, you’ll now be able to compare the conversion rate to that of the original baseline to see if you are improving or not.

Step 4: Brainstorm Solutions to Solve the Problem.

There could potentially be a number of problems that are resulting in your lower-than-expected conversion rate at the queue. Do you have adequate staff to move customers through the line quickly? Using people counting technology in the entrances to your store can provide you with information on how many people are entering your store. If there appears to be high traffic with minimal staffing, you may want to consider optimizing your staffing levels. You’ll then be able to see how increasing the number of customer service representatives influences the conversion rate through your queue.

Maybe you need promotional or engaging signage throughout the line to keep customers interested. You can then measure if these promotions encourage people to complete their transaction.

You may not realize that your store has an issue with its queue until the appropriate data can be collected from people counting technology and then compared with your sales data. Operating in blissful ignorance is no way to run a successful store. Customers who enter your queue are interested in your product and want to make a purchase. Don’t let them slip away because you didn’t realize your queue was under performing.

How People Counting Aids Facility Management

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people countingManaging your facility’s operations shouldn’t be a guessing game. If you’re running your business like a game of chance, you may want to consider the many benefits of implementing people counting systems. The hard data provided by these devices can be the foundation for a myriad of business decisions.

Monitor Supplies

To run your business most effectively, you need the ability to forecast expenses. While you might be able to use sales history to predict future inventory needs, have you considered the cost for stocking other facility supplies? How much will you need to spend on toilet paper, soap and paper towels? It can be a hard number to pull out of the air, but with people counting systems, you’ll know how many people are using your facilities on a daily basis and gain insight on how much you need to budget for supplies to accommodate the demand.

Gauge Security Needs

Theft and vandalism can quickly eat into your bottom line, so having the right amount of security and staff on hand can prevent those unexpected expenses. With people counting systems, you’ll be able to identify how many people are entering and in what areas they are congregating. This data can help you determine the best security-to-patron ratio and place security in the optimal location.

Understand Maintenance Issues

Maintenance is unavoidable in order to provide a safe environment for anyone who enters your facility. The last thing you want to do is interrupt your daily operations for routine maintenance issues, though. People counting systems can help you understand the ebb and flow of the building, so you can conduct maintenance during slow periods, minimizing disruptions.

Understanding the average capacity or building traffic can give you the justification you need for expansion. The hard data can be used to plan funding and space requirements.

Allocate Resources

Placing people counters at the entrances to conference rooms, offices, or rest areas provides a clear view of how your resources are being used. You’ll be able to identify what spaces are being underutilized or areas that are over-flowing with people. This knowledge can help you schedule the use of spaced in the most optimal way possible.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Green initiatives are growing in popularity, but knowing how to start implementing an eco-friendly plan can be difficult. People counting systems can provide data on areas of the facility that are being used infrequently, but are consuming a lot of energy, whether it’s in the form of lighting or heating and cooling costs. Identifying problem areas can give you the information you need to implement an energy-reducing strategy.

People counting systems are a simple yet effective tool in identifying problems in your facility management. Accessing the data that they provide can empower you to make smarter business decisions—whether you’re in retail, university, or library management. To learn more about the benefits of people counters for facility management, download our free eBook.