How to Benefit from Thermal People Counters

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Use thermal people counters in brightly lit store entrances like this.In the world of people counters, there’s a solution for every possible circumstance. If you’re looking for a system that can operate effectively in a tricky setting and enhance your operations, consider how you can benefit from a thermal people counter and discover the versatile ways this system can transform your business.

Thermal people counters use a simple Power-Over-Ethernet connection instead of a network connection to operate, relieving the burden on your wireless network. They feature a streamlined profile to blend into surroundings. You can customize traffic detection patterns based on the specific characteristics of your building’s entrance.

Bright Light, No Problem

You may have initially considered horizontal and other traditional people counters only to discover that you need a solution capable of operating reliably in bright or other ambient light. Because thermal people counters detect each individual’s body heat, they capture an accurate count even if your business entrance is flooded in natural light. So come sunshine or cloudy day, a thermal people counter will still provide a consistent, reliable count.

High and Mighty

Do you prefer a system that can be installed well out of the way? Thermal people counters usually are ceiling mounted — though they can be affixed to a wall with brackets if preferred — and you can install them between 11.5 feet and 27 feet from the ground. Discrete and unobtrusive, thermal people counters are a great solution for businesses looking to keep their traffic-tallying technology tucked away.

Suitable for All Sizes

While some people counters are limited in terms of where they can be installed effectively, thermal people counters perform well in entrances that are expansive or narrow, again because they rely on heat mapping to assign a count to each person in your doorway. In especially wide entrances, you can network together several thermal people counters to ensure that you’re achieving the most accurate count possible.

Thermal people counters also separate individuals entering from those who are exiting so you better understand the comings and goings of your traffic patterns.

Going Green

Thermal people counters are a great tool for businesses looking to go green and become more sustainable in their building operations. When installed throughout your building, thermal people counters give you insight into how many people are in your facility at any given time so that you can adjust your utilities usage accordingly.

Keeping the lights on and HVAC running without any staff or patrons around is wasteful, and thermal people counters can help you not only to save money but also to improve your environmental impact. You can share this information with customers so they can appreciate your efforts to build sustainability into your brand.

Thermal people counters are an invaluable tool not only for reliably tracking the traffic into and out of your business but also for leveraging this data to reduce your utilities spending and increase your energy efficiency. With the right thermal counting solution in place, your business can begin to reap the benefits that come with real-time insights into your operations.



Benefits of Outdoor People Counter Solutions

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outdoor people counterUse Outdoor Pedestrian Counters To Collect Foot Traffic Data

Once you begin exploring the options available with people counters, you’ll quickly discover the wide range of systems available on the market. There’s a solution for virtually every setting, situation, and scenario. If you need an outdoor people counter system, you need a solution to provide the data you require while withstanding the environment. Read on to discover four important benefits of people counters designed for the outdoors.

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1. Reliable performance in an outdoor setting.

When you’re looking for an outdoor people counter, you have to consider several factors. First, because the device is installed outside — even if only by a matter of inches — outdoor people counter solutions have provisions for safe and secure installations to prevent tampering.

Also, outdoor people counter solutions are designed to be waterproof and to withstand the elements.  What’s more, outdoor people counters must be able to adjust for changes in lighting, temperature and other environmental variables to ensure the most accurate count possible.

2. A power source means count numbers you can trust.

Your outdoor people counter must be joined to a network connection and relies on an electrical connection or Power-Over-Ethernet for continuous operation. With these connections made, your outdoor people counters will provide reliable traffic counts with consistent data reporting that will drive your business decisions.

3. Data on people entering and exiting.

An outdoor people counter can give you valuable insights into traffic counts and patterns related to people entering and exiting an entertainment venue, an attraction or a retail store. When you choose a counting system with overhead thermal or video counting sensors, you can capture accurate and detailed people counting data even in high traffic areas.

Armed with these numbers, you can make informed decisions about your operations. These traffic numbers can influence your labor scheduling, for example, when the data tells you Monday is the slowest day of the week but the highest traffic numbers are on Saturday. Your outdoor people counter can also reveal even more granular information, such as the time of day that draws peak traffic. When you know the slow periods versus periods that see the highest traffic, you can ensure you don’t have staff standing around idly when traffic is slow or scrambling during peak times.

Moreover, equipped with hard data from your people counter, you can better plan your promotional strategies and campaigns, and track and compare their performance according to your predetermined metrics.

4. Coverage over a large space.

One of the biggest perks of an outdoor people counter is that it can cover a wide area. Whereas some indoor solutions only work within a limited radius, a good outdoor overhead solution with multiple sensors can reliably perform in an area up to 50 feet wide, depending on environmental factors.

Outdoor people counters are helping businesses track visitors and shoppers in an effort to improve operations and services. With these four benefits in mind, talk to your people counter systems professional about the many reasons why an outdoor system might be the right solution for you.

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