How to Count Crowds & Measure Attendance at Events

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You invested a lot of time and money planning, marketing, and holding your special event. After all is said and done, you may feel good about the outcome—it seemed like a success. Or was it? Your true marker for positive return on investment hinges on reliable large crowd counting to determine the actual number of people that attended your new store opening, a guest author engagement at your library or a visiting exhibit at your museum.

Using estimated counts or cruder methods of crowd size measuring do not give you the important data you need to determine success. Use these processes to get the answer you really need: The actual number of attendees.

Counting Crowds at Gated Venues

Events that are enclosed and have defined entrance areas with a place to mount an overhead sensor in a doorway or entryway are the easiest to manage. Thermal-based and video-based sensor people counting devices are perfect for these situations and for large crowd counting.

Thermal devices monitor body heat signatures to collect data while video people counters have the ability to filter strollers and children, as well as tight groups of people entering at the same time, making it ideal for counting people at an event where you experience a heavier volume of foot traffic than you normally experience.

These people counting technologies can achieve a 95% to 98% accuracy rate so you can feel confident in your counts, regardless of the number of people that are attending your special event.

Counting Attendance at Open Venues

Public events that are not ticketed such as community festivals, college days or outdoor fundraisers require a different method of large crowd counting and are a little trickier. However, you can also use thermal and video counting technology in these cases with a little creativity.

First, you will have to define a specific entrance area where all the guest must pass through. Second, you need to build something to give you overhead mounting capability for your people counting technology. Generally, this can be easily accomplished with a simple trussing system.

The extra effort is worthwhile when you consider how difficult it is to count the number of people at a free or public event. If your event is an annual occurrence, then understanding your attendance rates for budgeting and funding purposes is even more crucial.

Large Crowd Counting is Possible at Your Next Event

Using thermal-based or video-based sensors to gather accurate date and analyzing that data can provide information for journalistic or even historic records. Additionally, accurate large crowd counting arms you with ammunition to procure future funding by showing concrete proof of ROI. This hard data can also help determine staffing needs for future events, whether you need extra security or more volunteers to make things run smoothly.

Whatever your venue, understand that an accurate count of the extra people you bring into your space because of a special event is going to provide you valuable insight for planning future events.

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What Retail Cleaning Services Have to Do with Traffic at Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

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“Cleanliness is a practice not a project.” Truer words may never have been spoken. Keeping your store clean with the help of retail cleaning services may result in financial benefits, according to the annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey sponsored by Bradley Corp.

Restroom conditions at your store may be considered a low priority for you and your staff when trying to juggle other business priorities, but the survey showed that people are more likely to shop at stores that have clean restroom facilities. In fact, about 60% make the decision to visit stores and spend money based simply on their appearance.

However, more than three-quarters of respondents reported that they have had unpleasant experiences with the condition of restrooms, which subsequently resulted in a lower perception of the retail stores. Look at the top five examples of negative survey results:

  • Clogged or unflushed toilets (83%)
  • Empty or jammed toilet paper dispenser (78%)
  • Non-latching stall (74%)
  • Unpleasant odors (73%)
  • Older fixtures or dirty appearance (72%)

The general attitude of those surveyed revealed that most people are unlikely to return to a business that has dirty restrooms or do not use retail cleaning services as a common practice.

Keep It Clean

With these insights from the survey, you are bound to want to keep facilities clean and make a good impression. But what’s the best plan? Here are some tips to keep your facilities well-maintained and your customers happy:

Establish an in-house janitorial staff or hire a professional retail cleaning service

Appoint someone or some entity to be responsible cleaning. It won’t happen if it is no one’s job. If there is bandwidth among your staff, you may be able to assign the task to in-house resources. More likely, however, you will need to find a retail cleaning service. There are many companies that specialize in cleaning retail businesses. Choose a company with a good reputation and rates that fit your budget.

Use a people counter to monitor traffic into your restrooms

Horizontal, doorframe mounted counters that use infrared beams can track each person entering your facilities. Prepare a work schedule with your retail cleaning service or in-house staff based on the number of people who use the facilities.

Practice preventive maintenance

Are all of your fixtures running properly? Leaky pipes, clogged toilets, non-functional sinks and hand dryers are an easy, less expensive fix than waiting for bigger problems to occur. Anything that could interfere with your customer’s experience should be part of a preventative maintenance checklist.

Use the facilities yourself

What better way to know how your customers feel than by using your own facilities? Imagine walking into the restroom for the first time. Make notes of any negative impressions. Do you get the sense that the facilities appear and smell sanitary? Test all the fixtures, towel and soap dispensers, and door latches on the stalls. Your personal experience can help you make any necessary changes if needed.

When customers enter and exit your store, what they tell others about their experience has a major impact on your reputation, brand and future revenue. You need repeat business to remain profitable, so it is vital to give people the best experience possible—including consistent retail cleaning services that let them know you care about all aspects of their shopping experiences.