10 Ways the Casino Industry is Using People Counting Technology

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The casino industry is making a resurgence despite setbacks seen during the recent recession years. Casinos are enjoying increased revenue streams not only from the gaming aspects of their operations but from the restaurants, shows, shopping and other forms of non-gaming entertainment within their facilities.

Casino industry operators in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, throughout the U.S. and Native American Nations are using people counting technology installed at entrances and other key facility locations to understand better how patrons move through their casinos and the activities that are the biggest draws.

Here are ten ways people counters are a great benefit to this industry and why it is important for your business.

  1. Main entrance people counters: This can give you a total number of daily visitors coming into your casino. This data is vital to casino owners interested in gauging revenue percentages.


  1. Find high volume and low volume times: This data is helpful for scheduling special promotions or events to maximize revenue.


  1. In-casino service and entertainment locations: People counters can determine how many people visit shows, restaurants, bars or retail stores within the facility. The casino industry operators determine which services are successful—or not so successful—to determine funding and improve marketing.


  1. New game popularity: People counters can determine the success of new games being offered. If a new game is not doing as well as anticipated, perhaps moving it to a higher traffic area could “better the odds” of success.


  1. Sort out gamblers and non-gamblers: Using people counting data and observations, you can compare the number of people gambling with those just walking around or enjoying entertainment options.


  1. Forecast labor needs: People counters can help you determine when extra staffing for games, restaurants and security is required. Tracking casino patrons by the hour, day, week, month can also assist with optimizing facility management services such as heating, lighting, etc.


  1. Exterior people tracking: Know where your customers are coming from or going to with adjacent properties such as parking garages, outdoor pools or convention centers.


  1. General traffic flow: Knowing where the traffic flow is greatest can be beneficial for advertising or holding special promotional events. Perhaps a small entertainment venue near a bar where traffic flow tends to flourish can increase your overall sales revenue.


  1. Placement of equipment: People counters can help you place high revenue slots or ATMs in key areas where people tend to linger and need quick access to cash.


  1. Determine promotional success: People counters collect valuable data that is invaluable to a casino industry operator. The number of people who attend a special event, deal or promotion can help with future marketing and planning.

People counting technology from Traf-Sys, Inc. gives the casino industry more options for increased visibility into their operations. Real-time data collected by unobtrusive hardware can accurately gauge true interest by patrons of your games and other attractions within the facility. With the right resources in the right places, you will see a boost in revenue and popularity of your casino with proven people counter technology.

AI in Retail: 3 Things You Need to Know

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Most futuristic science fiction stories portray artificial intelligence (AI) as something detrimental to humanity.  The reality is; AI isn’t futuristic, it already exists, and AI in retail is benefitting many businesses.

How Can AI Help My Retail Store?

In short, AI is a learning software program that can learn tasks and think similarly to the way a human does. It gets its “intelligence” based on collected, hard data and processes information to make decisions. There are two types of AI: narrow and general intelligence. Most computers and smartphones have narrow AI and can perform simple tasks that they are programmed to do for the user.

General AI is different. It is a learning program that is adaptable and able to perform more advanced tasks such as building spreadsheets or use deductive reasoning to determine a trend or recommendation. It becomes “smarter” over time, based on accumulated data. Companies such as Amazon, GE, Dominoes and North Face all use AI in retail to boost their presence and sales revenue.

3 Things You Need to Know About AI in Retail

  1. AI in retail improves the customer experience

A recent study by IBM showed that 48% of customers believe it is important for retailers to provide on-demand, personalized promotions when shopping online, while 45% want the same options in-store.

AI helps the eCommerce shopping experience by suggesting product recommendations the consumer has an interest in, based on shopping and browsing history. AI used in web or apps can feature voice-activated shopping and can even become a consumer’s own personal shopper. Personalized promotional offers catered to your customers can help motivate a purchase.

  1. AI in retail improves business decisions

Still depending on spreadsheets and paper scheduling to manage your staff and inventory? AI incorporated into your daily management routine can help immensely by optimizing such tasks like staff scheduling needs, over or under-stocking of product, and maintenance requirements.

AI in retail can also be use for facilities management tasks like lighting and HVAC usage. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, AI can send you a real-time alert and give you the ability to handle an issue via a smart device.

  1. Including People Counts Improves AI

If you utilize AI in your brick-and-mortar store to enhance the customer’s shopping experience, be sure to install people counters to gather additional data such as shopping patterns and areas of higher interest within your facility. People counting data can help your AI application determine the success of special sales events and learn the best way to improve future promotions.

According to IDC, AI will change how 25% of stores operate in the U.S. by 2019. It’s time for you to evaluate how you can leverage AI solutions. Don’t wait until your competition has deployed AI solutions and has gained an edge in your market. Explore the benefits it can offer your business as you advance into the “futuristic” world of AI in retail that’s here today.