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As you strategize your library programming schedule for the year use this seasonal library program planning guide to aid your efforts. We’ve compiled a month-by-month list of a few holidays, national days and awareness months for you to consider. Once you use this library program planning guide to get organized and outline a solid schedule, don’t forget to have the means in place to measure the success of your programming efforts with technology like people counters.

By using our monthly 2018 seasonal library program planning guide you can:

  • Plan your entire year of programming for your library
  • Create a marketing and social media plan for each program
  • Finalize your requests for funding


National Blood Donor Month
Every two seconds in the U.S. someone needs blood. Partner with your local American Red Cross to make your library a mobile blood donation center and help the community, as well as draw patrons to your branch.

National Mentoring Month
The impacts of mentoring are far reaching. Consider making a special day where mentors and mentees can participate in special activities together at your library.

Holiday to Highlight: Martin Luther King, Jr Day


African American History Month
Honor the accomplishments of African Americans and their contributions to our culture from art to music to literature.

World Read Aloud Day
There is something special about hearing books read aloud. Children love story time and listening to books read aloud but it’s not just for kids. According to a report by the Audio Publishers Association twenty four percent of Americans enjoy listening to audio books.

Holiday to Highlight: Groundhog Day


National Women’s History Month
With so many amazing and strong women authors, leaders, civil rights advocates, athletes, scientists, doctors, philanthropists, and inventors throughout history it will be easy to devote an entire month to women.

Read Across America
Celebrated on the venerable Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 2. This national day of reading awareness and motivation has become a favorite of children across the country.

Holiday to Highlight: St. Patrick’s Day


National Autism Awareness Month
Make your library an autism spectrum-friendly center for the month of April with hands-on displays, interactive stations and reading visuals.
National Library Week
Encourage the community to showcase your library, and don’t forget to show appreciation for your volunteers and staff this week as well. This year’s theme is “Libraries Lead.”

Holiday to Highlight: Arbor Day


National Foster Care Month
Give foster children, foster families and foster agencies extra special attention this month. Consider highlighting famous writers and people who were foster children.

Children’s Book Week
With the goal to make every child a reader, promoting this special week should be an easy win for your library.

Holiday to Highlight: Memorial Day


Hunger Awareness Month
Turn your library branch into a donation center to support the local food kitchens in your area.

National Selfie Day
On June 21 encourage selfies at your library and ask visitors to hashtag your branch. This is a great way to engage your volunteers, staff, and visitors through social media.

Holiday to Highlight: Flag Day


National Ice Cream Month
Invite patrons into your library, out of the July heat to enjoy some air conditioning and ice cream.

International Day of Friendship
The United Nations designated this day as a way to bring humanity together through friendship.

Holiday to Highlight: Fourth of July


American Artist Appreciation Month
Line your walls with featured American artists and invite visitors to become American artists themselves by offering workshops for painting, sculpture and drawing.

National Crayon Collection Month
Help collect school supplies for the kids headed back to school and feature fun coloring events during this month.

Holiday to Highlight: Book Lover’s Day


National Hispanic Heritage Month
A people rich in culture there are so many ways your library can incorporate Hispanic heritage into your programming from food to music to poetry.

National Recovery Month
Celebrate those who have overcome addiction this month. With the staggering drug epidemic putting a positive message into the community as well as bringing awareness through your programs could connect you with many of your visitors.

Holiday to Highlight: Labor Day


Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Think pink this month and use your library to offer breast cancer awareness education and activities this month.

National Reading Group Month
Invite book clubs to hold their meetings at your library this month and offer special benefits such as guest author speakers.

Holiday to Highlight: Halloween


Native American Heritage Month
Highlight your local Native American tribe in November. If you have reservations near you, invite them to participate in programming throughout the month.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
Studies have shown that even late stage Alzehimer’s patients can usually read. Plus, reading is one of the leading activities that may help prevent the disease by exercising and keeping the mind active.

Holiday to Highlight: Veteran’s Day


Write a Friend Month
Turn your library into a writing center and celebrate the almost lost art of writing letters.

Pearl Harbor Day
Highlight World War II history and the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December.

Holiday to Highlight: Winter Solstice

Plan for Success for Your Library
Whether you are looking for new programming ideas or just need help organizing your thoughts, we hope the 2018 seasonal library program planning guide will help you have a successful year and don’t forget to measure your program success using people counting technology.

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