• How to Select the Right Type of Customer Counter for Your Business

    So you’ve decided to take the plunge into customer counting! There are many options to choose from, so take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed.  As the name implies, customer counters count the people who enter and exit your store. They can also be used in municipal buildings, libraries and universities. People counting software […]

  • How to Use People Counting Technology to Improve Facility Management

    You don’t need to be a hardcore environmentalist to know that cutting your energy costs is good and reducing your carbon footprint is even better. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Earth, but investing large amounts of money in fancy eco-friendly technology and sustainable practices is counterproductive if these measures are not implemented for […]

  • The Difference Between Foot Traffic and Conversion Rates

    Retailers may become frustrated with their people counting system when they are not able to access information about their conversion rates or analyze a change in that data. And retailers who have not yet implemented a people counting system may be skeptical of its effectiveness for that same reason. Both groups have failed to recognize […]

  • Questions to Consider When Choosing a People Counter

    Making the decision to streamline your building’s operations with a people counting system is easy. The hard part is finding ideal people counter for your building’s unique entranceway or busy area. This guide will help you distinguish between the different kinds of people counters and determine which matches your business needs. What you need to […]

  • Why Should I Measure Foot Traffic? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

    Today, customers have more choices about where to shop—both in-store and online–than ever before, so business owners need to have better insight when it comes to planning a new location, advertising campaign, staff scheduling and security. It used to be enough to ask people, “how did you hear about us?” to gauge the effectiveness of […]