• 4 Reasons to Choose Thermal Imaging People Counters

    There are many people counting products available in the retail business market (e.g., door-mounted horizontal infrared beams, overhead video, thermal imaging, etc.), and not every type is right for every application. For malls and larger retail stores, museums, and libraries, the smart choice is a thermal imaging people counter designed to accurately monitor foot traffic […]

  • Why Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors?

    These days when you hear the phrase “brand ambassador,” it’s usually referring to an influencer talking up your brand to the world on social media. But many businesses are realizing that some of their greatest brand ambassadors are actually within their own companies: engaged, enthusiastic employees. According to a Gallup poll, companies with high employee […]

  • How to Boost Sales with Suggestive Selling

    Suggestive selling is one of retail’s greatest strategies. Shoppers are already through the doors, they found something they like or need, and suggestive selling gives you the opportunity to boost sales, increase ticket size, and encourage the shopper to walk away smiling with even more of your great products and services. Are You Managing Labor […]

  • How to Use Retail Traffic Counting the Right Way

    Today’s traffic counting solutions can provide an attractive return on investment (ROI) for retailers – particularly if they use the data these systems generate to analyze, and improve, their performance in key operational areas. When the information from retail traffic counting systems is combined with other metrics (particularly point-of-sale data), the resulting analysis gives retailers […]

  • How Understanding Shopper Counting Can Improve the Customer Experience

    Giving your shoppers a high-quality and highly enjoyable shopping experience is the key to ensuring that they visit your business again. Shopper counting and understanding how foot traffic moves and flows through your store can help you drastically improve your customers’ experience. 1. Display Promotions Using people counters in separate sections of your store allows […]

  • How People Counting Systems Can Help in the Store Selection Process

    Are you a business owner looking to expand? Selecting a location can be a tedious, painful, and stressful experience. Choosing the right location for your business can be a nightmare.  However, many business owners overlook the benefit that people counting systems can bring when choosing a location. What are people counting systems? People counting systems […]