Empowering Gaming Destinations with People Counting Technology

While casino-goers hope for a winning streak at any of the hundreds of gaming facilities in the US, it’s not all fun and games internally. Casinos have been hit hard by the recent recession and they’ve been slow to recover as people are visiting less, taking fewer risks and playing it safe by cashing in sooner.

The dwindling cash flow means casinos have to be smart about where they focus their resources, but it’s not easy. Most casinos are open around the clock, so there are enormous staffing needs, food and beverage considerations, continuous marketing campaigns and the expense of printed materials.

In order to maintain a high level of visibility, many casinos employ people counting technology. Knowing how many people are visiting is important, but the statistics this technology provides can be invaluable when working with a 24/7 operation. People counters can tell you which games and tables are top draws and which attractions are always full, which can help casinos understand what strategies are working, where they should invest more energy into promotions and where they should be seeking opportunities for expansion.

Not convinced yet? Let’s take a closer look at how people counting technology can help casinos stay in the black—literally.

Gauge interest in gaming: Using people counting technology, casinos know the number of overall visitors and have the option to break it down into daily, monthly and yearly visitors. People counting can also help casinos maximize interest and revenue. Mapping traffic flow can ensure casinos have the best floor layout and an effective and profitable mix of slots and games. This system can also generate statistics on how many people are visiting gaming areas and attractions to assist with staffing needs.

Assess attractions: People counting technology at resorts that offer attractions like restaurants, shows and spas can give casino owners insight into where people are dining and other popular venues at the resort. The numbers don’t lie, so owners can fairly assess which areas are meeting expectations and which ones need more attention. By identifying low-performing attractions or venues, casino ownership can refocus their marketing and public relations teams on the areas that need to attract more traffic. People counting can also identify high-performing games and attractions so the appropriate resources are allocated to them to ensure they run smoothly.

Compare performance: Casino chains with multiple locations can compare the performance of its different outposts. People counting can identify which locations are drawing more foot traffic, determine which marketing campaigns actually generated the desired response by pinpointing a spike in visitors, gaming activity or other purchases and analyze revenue patterns and maximize profits.

Allocate resources effectively: Being open 24/7 means expenses that never end. There is no downtime, so knowing which areas of the casino are the busiest during certain shifts helps ensure they are sufficiently staffed. People counting will tell you which days and times are the busiest, so casino owners know which areas need more resources and which ones are overstaffed. Knowing where and when to allocate security staff, maintenance workers, servers and gaming personnel means less waste and better planning for peak shifts.

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