Grocery Store People Counters

grocery store people counter

Benefits of People Counters for Grocery Stores

In today’s highly competitive supermarket environment, chain owners and store managers must know as much as possible about consumer behavior. A grocery store people counter and software solution from Traf-Sys provides useful information and analysis regarding the foot traffic in your establishment. You’ll gain valuable insight into your business operations you couldn’t obtain via other methods.

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    What Are the Benefits of a Grocery Store Foot Traffic Counter?

    Traf-Sys electronic people counting systems give an accurate count of the customers who enter and exit your store throughout the day. This data offers a host of benefits:

    Assess promotional performance

    Our counters enable you to measure foot traffic during a promotional event and compare it to “normal” periods. You’ll gain a better understanding of how well your marketing strategies are working.

    Gauge display effectiveness

    Besides increasing the sales of promoted items, in-store displays attract customers to targeted shopping zones. Grocery store people counters help you determine your displays’ impact by tracking how many shoppers patronize the area.

    Theft deterrence

    “Shrink” resulting from shoplifting is a significant issue in many supermarkets. Data from our counters can ensure you have adequate staffing in vulnerable high-volume areas that may be inaccessible or off-limits to video surveillance cameras.

    Bolster scheduling efforts

    Grocery stores must maintain a delicate balance between having enough employees on hand to meet customer needs and keeping labor costs under control. Grocery store foot traffic counters allow you to accurately determine the peak and slower shopping periods throughout the day and adjust your staffing accordingly.

    grocery store people counter

    Our People Counter Options for Grocery Stores

    Traf-Sys offers an array of people counters and software that are ideal for grocery store environments:

    • Eclipse Video SensorInstall this overhead people counter at store entrances or other areas that experience heavy foot traffic. Adding our VisiCount software to your network provides enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.
    • Z900 Uni-DirectionalThis wireless unit counts people as they cross a horizontal directional beam. Thanks to its width range of up to 20 feet, you can install it on a door frame at wider supermarket entrances.
    • SafeEntryMonitoring system to keep track of occupancy.
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    Tips For Using Foot Traffic Counters in Grocery Stores