Hospital People Counter System

hospital people counting

Benefits of People Counters for Banking

Hospitals have a large amount of traffic every day. Those who require long term care, patients who need one visit and their loved ones who have come to visit will navigate your healthcare facility to get to the place they need to be. Use a hospital counter from Traf-Sys to obtain valuable data on your visitors. You can understand how they use your facility to improve their experience and optimize your operations to save money in your budget.

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    Traf-Sys People Counting Software Can Help Your Hospital

    A people counter system will allow your hospital to analyze foot traffic patterns and behavior. This data can improve people’s experience in your hospital as well as your bottom line. Here are some of the many ways your healthcare facility can use the data from Traf-Sys people counting software:

    To understand foot traffic navigation:

    Hospital people counter systems tell you where people enter and exit the most and what facilities they use. You can use this data to understand how people navigate your hospital and improve their experience. For example, you can place a floor map in an area with high traffic.

    To optimize the facility services:

    By keeping track of how people move throughout your facility, you’ll be able to identify popular areas with high traffic. This will help you determine where to place new amenities and which existing amenities can be improved. For example, you can put a vending machine area in a busy location and put waiting rooms in the best place possible on each floor.

    To improve facility management:

    Keeping only the amount of staff your hospital needs can help to lower costs. Data from a hospital door counter can reveal when your healthcare facility is busy and when it is not. The traffic tendencies will help with efficient scheduling.

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    How the Hospital People Counter From Traf-Sys Works

    Traf-Sys is dedicated to providing you with the best hardware and software to improve your business. We have created different people counting technologies that work in different locations and ways.

    Our people counting sensors can be located overhead or horizontally. The overhead sensors hang above the doorframe and count the number of people that pass underneath it. This works best for large doorways. Horizontal sensors send a beam across the doorframe and count when people pass through it. If you want a sensor on a small door, this will work for you.

    Our systems record the number of people either through thermal or video sensors. The thermal sensors use a person’s body heat, and the video sensors use video footage to keep track of traffic flow.

    Traf-Sys counters have up to 99 percent accuracy, so you can be confident in the results when making decisions for your facility.

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    Get a Traf-Sys People Counting System in Your Hospital

    Using sensors to record the traffic in your healthcare facility can help improve people’s experience and help you better manage your resources. Our accurate and cost-effective systems are trusted by public facilities across the country, such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

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