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Maintain Accurate Hotel Visitor Counts with Traf-Sys

In the hotel industry, the number of people who visit your hotel matters. You need to be able to convert these visitors into guests at your facility to increase your revenue. Installing hotel visitor counter hardware simplifies the process of traffic counting and provides you with the data you need to improve your hotel.

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Use Traf-Sys People Counters to Improve Guest Experience

Use foot traffic data from your hotel to make your guests’ stay positive and welcoming while earning more revenue. You can use a hotel people visitor counter to:

You need to be aware of how many people reserve a room and how many walk away. Being aware of your conversion rate will help you identify weak areas in your customer service to improve.

After your guests reserve their room, you need to know how they use different areas of your hotel. How many people are using the pool, gym, spa, restaurant, bar and other amenities every day or every hour? Hotel electronic people counters can provide you with accurate data for traffic in these spots.

Having too few or too many employees means that your guests are not getting the best service and you are spending more money on wages than necessary. A hotel people visitor counter will provide you with historical traffic patterns which you can use to schedule more staff during busy periods and fewer staff during slow times.

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How a Hotel Visitor Counter From Traf-Sys Works

Traf-Sys offers a variety of people counting hardware systems to accommodate every business need. Choose an overhead or horizontal beam counter for your hotel doorway. The horizontal beam counter shoots a laser beam across the doorway and counts people as they interrupt this beam. An overhead beam scans the door from above to count the number of people passing in and out.

Our systems use either thermal or video sensors to count the number of people. The thermal sensor detects people’s body heat as they enter or exit to count people. The video sensors examine footage to get their traffic data.

There are pros and cons to each type of counting method. If your doorway is small and people can only pass through one at a time, then the horizontal beam counter is best for you. This method will not work for large openings, which is why we recommend overhead beam counters for those situations. A thermal sensor can only count the number of people passing through. A video camera can go beyond that to keep track of the paths of specific customers or distinguish between adults and children.

All of the data your sensors collect is compiled in our VisiCount software so you can see reports of your daily or hourly traffic. These are numbers that you can trust because our count is up to 99 percent accurate.

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Traf-Sys provides traffic data to over 17,000 business locations around the globe. We serve some of the largest shopping centers, universities and casinos in the United States, such as The Mall at Johnson City, UCLA and Bellagio Las Vegas. We are excited to help your business too.

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