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Whether employees or clients, people spend a lot of time at the office. Your colleagues navigate the space every day as they go to their desks, meeting rooms, the break room, and other colleagues’ offices. Being aware of traffic patterns in the office can help you optimize the space to make it as efficient as possible for your employees. You can rely on office people counting software from Traf-Sys. Our accurate and unobtrusive hardware will measure how your office space is used and help you identify ways to make it better.

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What Are the Benefits of Office People Counting Software?

Employees navigate the office in different ways. Placing people counting software in the office will provide you with correct traffic patterns. You can alter the layouts of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture to make navigation easier.

By understanding which areas of the office are the most popular, you can place office amenities where they will get the most use. For example, if your office wants to install vending machines, office counting software will tell you where they should go to get the most usage.

By collecting traffic data in real time, your office building can adjust its repairs and services. Schedule maintenance repairs during slow times at the office to interrupt as few people as possible. Keep track of meeting rooms that are most and least used and adjust their HVAC consumption accordingly.

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How Do Office People Counting Software and Hardware Work?

At Traf-Sys, we understand that every business needs people counting software for different reasons. That’s why we have a variety of hardware designs to choose from. Whatever your need, Traf-Sys has a system for you.

Our office people counting hardware can be mounted on the doorframe as a horizontal beam counter or above the door as an overhead beam counter. The horizontal system counts people as they break the laser beam, so it works best in small openings.

Our overhead beam counters are equipped with two different people counting methods: thermal sensor or video sensor. The thermal sensor counts the number of people passing through the doorway by sensing their body heat. The video sensor records footage of the door and analyzes these clips to get a traffic total.

Our people counting systems are among the best on the market, with 95 to 99 percent accuracy. You can trust the data in our VisiCount software to make the best decisions for your office space.

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Why You Should Be Using a People Counter

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Traf-Sys is the leading name in people counting systems. Our systems are used in over 17,000 locations worldwide at major businesses like Metro PCS, Pandora and Harley Davidson. Our cost-effective hardware and user-friendly software make Traf-Sys the best in the industry.

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