Open Area Occupancy Monitoring

Monitor Open Area Counts with Traf-Sys

As workplaces become more flexible and open areas become the desired layout for new buildings, measuring their occupancy is essential to keeping your space safe and healthy. Through measuring and reporting your building’s open area occupancy, you can help your employees find the ideal workstation for themselves and for when they’re working in a team. Occupancy sensors let you improve your building’s strategy and meet the changing demands of your workplace.

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Why Automate Your Workplace Occupancy Monitoring?

Data collection doesn’t have to be complicated — especially if you have a flexible workplace. Occupancy sensors manage the number of employees in your open plan offices and give you the data needed to transform the space into an even better area. With people counting systems, you can reap the following benefits:

You’ll never have to guess where your employees are or what areas of the building are most popular when using occupancy sensors. This data allows you to invest money in frequently used locations and transform rooms that have proven to be ineffective workplaces.

Hundreds of workplaces have had to consider more flexible working solutions and areas. Instead of everyone being stuck in the same old office, open area designs and sensors allow your employees to stay healthy and receive a change of scenery.

When your workers can see the real-time availability of their workspaces, they’ll never waste time looking for an open spot. Give your team their time back with real-time availability insights and occupancy sensors.

Occupancy sensors give you deep insight into how your open plan layout is used daily by showing where employees work. With rightsizing insights, you can take the initiative to create more productive spaces.

Get the Best Utilization of Office Space With People Counting Systems

The most effective way to measure your open area’s occupancy level is with an intuitive people counting system. People counting systems do more than just track who enters and leaves a room. They also integrate with your other systems to show you which rooms are available, improve your energy efficiency and turn off the lights.

Open area occupancy management technology allows you to reduce your business’s environmental impact by decreasing the amount of heating, cooling and lighting in unoccupied rooms. Over time, these small changes lead to significant energy savings and help you earn back the investment from your open area occupancy system.

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Overhead People Counting Sensors

Horizontal Wireless/People Counting Sensors

The Traf-Sys Direct Count One people counters can be mounted at the entrance of your facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. It has a transmission range of up to 16 feet and includes features such as lithium-ion battery power and local LCD display. These counters can be installed quickly and easily.

Office Space Monitoring With Traf-Sys People Counting Systems

Open area occupancy management technology allows your employees to quickly find a workstation and be productive on their projects, and it can potentially lower your building costs and increase your energy efficiency. In addition to helping you manage your open area occupancy, people counting systems from Traf-Sys can:

  • Keep rooms filled to appropriate capacity.
  • Automate your lighting, air conditioning and heating systems.

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Improving Space With People Counters

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