Restaurant People Counters

Benefits of Restaurant People Counters

Keep track of the number of customers you have in your restaurant with smart people counting technology. Traf-Sys restaurant occupancy and people counters can help you stay competitive and profitable through real-time people counting and occupancy management.

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Benefits of People Counters and Occupancy Sensors for Restaurants

Real-time data on your restaurant’s customer numbers opens up a world of possibilities. People counting data can help you find trends in customer numbers to optimize your shift staffing, cleaning schedules and menu planning. You can cross-reference your traffic and occupancy data with your table records to develop more effective seating and booking practices. If you have to-go or pickup lines, people counting can also make it easier to optimize your process to get customers in and out faster.

Our hardware and software designs focus on simplifying setup so you can count your visitors as soon as possible. The Traf-Sys customer support team can also offer installation guidance.

We offer a wide range of hardware options suitable for various area sizes and traffic numbers. With our people counting technology, you can scale your capabilities as needed to get an accurate count.

Traf-Sys people counting software includes scalable and customizable features to help you get the most out of your data. You’ll have control over your reports, data and database structure to integrate people counting into the rest of your workflow.

When you use Traf-Sys technology, you’ll have near real-time data on the number of people entering and exiting your space. This live information will empower you to adapt quickly to new changes in traffic.

Our software and hardware uses the latest occupancy counting technology to maximize accuracy. After analyzing thousands of hours of video validation, we found that our solutions have an accuracy rate of 95 to 99 percent.

Allow our customer support team to help you with all aspects of our hardware and software from setup to implementation. We’ll offer the level of guidance you need to keep your people counting data accurate and actionable.

Our Products

Types of Traf-Sys Occupancy Sensors Used for Restaurants

At Traf-Sys, we offer two types of technology solutions:

  • People counting software and hardware: Our people counting systems combine advanced hardware with intuitive software to give you live data on the number of people who leave and enter the space you define. Traf-Sys people counting hardware products use video, thermal imaging and infrared technology to detect the number of visitors passing nearby. We designed the accompanying people counting software with ease of use in mind and offer optional hosting and reporting services.
  • Occupancy sensor technology: With SafeEntry technology, you can monitor the number of occupants in your restaurant in real time.

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How Restaurants Use People Counters

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Traf-Sys people counting solutions provide restaurants with actionable data on their customer numbers. To discover how we can help your restaurant thrive with people counting technology, request a free quote.

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