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In today’s fast-paced economy, business owners and store managers need accurate customer traffic data to remain competitive and profitable. Retail customer counting systems record store customer visits and uses retail analytics software to organize the information for reporting purposes. This insight helps retail businesses identify traffic trends, measure marketing effectiveness and make smarter staffing & facilities decisions.

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What Do Retail Traffic Counters Do?

Businesses rely on people counting systems to gather valuable data regarding their daily operations. Retail people counters are a collection of cutting-edge image processing technology and sensors to give owners and managers a real-time look at the amount of people in their store. They constantly track who’s entering and exiting a store using thermal detection, infrared sensors and video recording to count and evaluate daily, weekly and monthly foot traffic patterns.

retail traffic counter

Selecting Your Retail Traffic Counter

Multiple factors determine which type of sensor is best for your business. The height and width of your store entrance is one set of factors, while the level of detail you need from traffic reporting is another. Speak to one of our experts to find the traffic counting system best suited to your business.

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retail traffic counters

How Do Retail Traffic Counters Work?

Businesses rely on accurate data to determine successful advertising, staffing and operational choices. With a Traf-Sys people counting system, you can collect data confidently. Our retail traffic counters help business owners understand foot traffic through advanced monitoring systems. Traf-Sys counters are accurate and discrete to bring your store into the future of business.

Every counting system addresses unique business needs. Our retail traffic counters collect information about your foot traffic using any of these three kinds of technology.


Infrared people counters project an infrared beam across the entrance. The traffic count increases when someone steps over the sensor.

These systems are often best for monitoring traffic in small entrances. With an infrared people counting system, you can rely on accurate data from unnoticeable, motion-sensor equipment. Retail store owners find these counters easy to install and configure in their space.

Image Processing

Certain people counting systems use image processing, which relies on a visual feed of the space. Video people counters install above the entrance door for automatic shopper detection. The camera can accommodate large areas within the store and even detect the direction of travel. Some image processing systems use 3-D technology to distinguish between adults, children and objects.

A similar alternative to video processing is a thermal people counter, which relies on heat detection. These thermal cameras adjust automatically to environmental changes and determine foot traffic by heat mapping.

Time of Flight

Time of flight people counters use an advanced form of infrared light monitoring. Pulses of infrared light bounce off surfaces — or people — in the area and reflect an accurate count to the sensor. These systems are some of the most advanced in the industry, with extreme precision regardless of your store’s light levels. Many business owners use these people counters to optimize their store layout.

The perfect people counter for your business depends on your layout, budget and goals. Contact Traf-Sys to determine the appropriate retail traffic counter for you!

Benefits of a Retail Traffic Counter

Running a successful business requires constant evolution to meet market changes and satisfy your customers. Rather than guessing, using people counters for your retail business can arm you with reliable data to make a difference in your operations.

Data From Retail Traffic Counters

Data collected from people counters provides unrivaled insight into the performance of a location. The information it collects is sent to a shared database where it can be analyzed to look for trends and devise strategies to improve revenue and growth. Create custom reports to oversee day-to-day and seasonal operations, adjusting your efforts to match the ebbs and flows of market demands. Your team will know more about your business to address marketing strategies, ensure shelves are stocked and create a better customer experience.

People counting sensors shed light on a location’s conversion rate, one of the most important pieces of data a business can obtain. By comparing the number of visitors you attract to the amount of sales you make, you can discover how effective your current workflow is and make changes to your current environment. Other information it collects includes:

  • Peak hours
  • Bounce rates
  • Customer-to-staff ratios

How Customer Counters Help Retail Stores Increase Conversion

Businesses and organizations across countless industries leverage the information provided by people counting sensors and technology to improve their end-to-end operations. Places like supermarkets, malls and other retail locations utilize people-counting technology to maximize their potential. These systems help with these efforts by providing data to address the following areas:

  • Employee staffing: People counters provide more information regarding high and low traffic times of the day for your location. This data can help you optimize your scheduling efforts to ensure you have the right amount of employees at all times.
  • Store layout: Set up sensors near unique store displays to learn what marketing materials often lead to a successful sale. You’ll easily track how many visitors walk by to discover the optimal promotion design to most effectively capture their attention.
  • Inventory management: Effortlessly keep track of traffic patterns and seasonal trends to keep your shelves stocked with your most popular products. These systems reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking to ensure your operation is efficient and profitable.
  • Security: While security cameras do a lot of the heavy lifting, people-counting sensors can fill in the gaps to safeguard your business. They will help employees manage every corner of their location, from entrances to fitting rooms, and reduce the likelihood of criminals succeeding.

Retail Traffic Counters

Retail Traffic Analytics Software

Customer counting systems are powerful tools, but you need the right retail analytics software to help you extract the data points that matter to your business. Our VisiCount software can help you organize, export and make sense of your store traffic data as you receive it, allowing you to make improvements as necessary.

  • Aggregate traffic data from multiple locations.
  • Customize reports to show visitor totals down to the hour.
  • Establish benchmarks to aid organization-level decisions.

Before you can improve any part of your business, you need to first know where you’re starting at. We’ll help you determine your current conversion ratio.

Instantly measure the customer traffic generated from your advertising campaigns, and measure the popularity of new product displays throughout your store.

If your merchandise has a wide price range, determining your staffing based on sales numbers can be highly inaccurate (e.g. a few customers buying a few high-ticket items vs. many customers buying low costs items). Knowing your traffic levels throughout the week can help you make more educated staffing decisions.

Apply best practices for generating traffic at your most successful stores to your lower performing stores and use this data to supplement your market research activities.

The proper upkeep of a retail facility says a great deal to its potential customers, yet the timing of everything from display changes to regular restroom cleaning and restocking is just as important. No retailer wants to discourage customers from entering during peak hours. That’s why it’s helpful to schedule maintenance and overall floor management based on accurate shopper counting analysis.

Retailers and brands invest heavily in promotions and in-store displays because they know that reaching customers at the point of decision can make – or break – a sale. But beyond tracking sales of promoted items, how can retailers determine the impact of their displays? By tracking how many customers walk by a display, retailers can determine how effective the display is at attracting customers’ attention in the busy environment of a store.

Whether it’s ongoing, organized theft or simply one-off incidences of shoplifting, a retailer’s bottom line always suffers when crime occurs. Of course, security cameras help, but people who are intent on committing crime will find a security system’s blind spots. Counting systems can help retailers sufficiently staff areas like entrances and fitting rooms, making shoppers aware that the store’s staff is watchful and alert and helps deter criminals looking for an opportunity to shoplift.

What to Do With Your Retail Traffic Counter Data

After your people counter collects its data, the information travels to a remote database that you can access for analysis. Many of our systems offer segmented data based on time increments, store sites and entranceways. Over time, you can use these segments to determine areas for improvement and profit strategies.

When you’re just getting started with your people counting system, your initial collection can act as a benchmark. Evaluate your foot traffic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, then look for trends in peak conversion times. With this information, you can make detailed decisions about future marketing campaigns, space utilization or employee staffing.

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The ultimate goal is to increase revenue and decrease costs to grow profits. When you choose Traf-Sys for your retail traffic counter system, you’ll get our vast counting data experience that’s driven by our hardware and software — currently in use at more than 17,000 locations worldwide.

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How People Counters Help Retail Stores

Retail People Counters FAQ

Also called people counters or people counting systems, traffic counters in retail track the number of visitors who enter or exit an area in a store. These systems count when a person crosses the detection zone created by people counting sensors. At Traf-Sys, we sell people counters that use the following kinds of technology:

  • Infrared: As the most straightforward people counting technology, infrared sensors project an infrared line and add to the traffic count when someone crosses it.
  • Thermal: A thermal people counting system detects individual heat signatures to determine the number of people that enter an area.
  • Video: Advanced video technology for people counting records the area for counting and automatically detects people that appear in the video.

People counting systems can help you build conversion-boosting business strategies with traffic data. After you determine your initial conversion rate using your traffic data, you can measure the effectiveness of your business approaches. You can use your people counting data to make informed decisions about these aspects of your store:

  • Displays and their position
  • Sales associate interactions with customers
  • Inventory management
  • Checkout line efficiency

To calculate your retail conversion rate using foot traffic data, divide your number of sales by the number of visitors. You can then multiply this result by 100 to get the whole number percentage of your conversion rate. Comprehensive people counter software such as VisiCount enable you to add your sales data to the program to calculate your conversion rate automatically.

The ideal conversion rate for your business will depend on your industry. You can get the most accurate idea of your performance progress by getting data as soon as possible and recording your conversion rate frequently.

The number of people counters you need per store will vary based on ceiling height, entrance width, store layout and data recording goals. Your choice of people counting technology will also influence the range that your system will cover.

If you need guidance while you create a people counting system for your stores, reach out to our team. We can explain how each of our products can factor into your people counting strategy.

You can measure footfalls, or customer traffic, using many different approaches to get the data you need. The most popular people counting strategy involves using a people counter at a store entrance to count the number of customers who enter. However, you can place a people counter just about anywhere you need to collect traffic data. Consider using people counters to:

  • Measure the number of people who pass a display
  • Determine the most popular traffic areas in your store
  • Learn how frequently your customers use your bathroom or fitting room for facilities management planning

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