Warehouse People Counters

Benefits of Warehouse People Counters

Your warehouse is a big facility, and tracking the activity within such a large space can be difficult. Thankfully, Traf-Sys has a solution. With our warehouse occupancy counters, you can track the volume of people using different entrances, hallways and rooms. The data you receive will give you a better understanding of the activity in your facility.

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Our Warehouse People Counters

There are several people counters available for doorways in your facility. Our people counter sensors include:

We install overhead systems at the top of the door. Horizontal systems are placed on each side of the door, and they detect people’s movement as they go by the sensors.

All overhead people counters are wired. The horizontal beam systems can be wireless and battery-operated. We also have a Z-series that can be wired or wireless.

Bi-directional systems count how many people are entering and exiting the zone. The system organizes the numbers based on the direction the person or people are moving in.

Uni-directional counters count the activity of people passing the sensor. However, it cannot determine if the person is entering or exiting the zone.

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The Benefits of People Counters in Your Warehouse

Your warehouse is a solution for storing products and equipment that can be difficult to track in one facility. To keep loads of deliveries and shipments moving correctly, you work hard to create a floor design that allows people to maneuver with ease. Without knowing the most popular pathways your employees take, organizing the floor becomes a challenging task.

Traf-Sys people counters solve this problem. We have designed our technology to track activity by counting people who use the facility’s entrances and doorways. You can even track your warehouse’s bathroom and break room activity. The data gathered from these areas help you determine where the hot spots are. In congested areas where people frequently gather and bring in truckloads, you can rearrange items so workers are safer and the space is more labor-friendly.

Monitoring bathroom and break room activity allows you to track how often workers use those rooms throughout the day. When you know how often the bathrooms are used, you can determine how frequently they need to be cleaned. You can also learn how busy the break room can get throughout the day. You can use this data to guide workers through high-traffic areas better, and you can even reorganize break times for individual workers to boost productivity and make the best use of the space.

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Benefits Of Using People Counters

Trust Traf-Sys for Warehouse Occupancy Counters

Let Traf-Sys people counters help you manage your day-to-day warehouse activity. From clearing routes workers take throughout the facility to reducing break room congestion, you’ll have data that allows you to handle high-traffic zones and clear areas of objects that create hazards or slow down work. Our team can teach you how to implement your system and interpret your data, too.

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