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Library Customers

Quote request for library traffic countingIf you’re manually keeping track of patrons that visit your library, you can probably attest that when the staff becomes busy taking care of patrons, the first thing that slips is the tally-keeping.

With Traf-Sys, you don’t have to choose between taking care of your customers and keeping track of the important patron counts that you need for state funding as well as your own staffing goals.

Here are a couple of key ways a Traf-Sys people counter solution can help you:

  • Automatically, Accurately Track Visitors. Receive reliable, daily traffic counts automatically, and eliminate the hassle of using tick sheets.
  • Display Planning. Find out where book or other media displays might be better placed, how access can be improved, and how signs can be more effective and efficient
  • Promotional Activities. Have an upcoming fundraiser or other special event. A Traf-Sys people counter solution can help turn your promotions into traffic


I would highly recommend Traf-Sys for traffic count solutions. Our public library system has used their products since 2011 and greatly appreciates the support they provide for the hardware they sell. They are very helpful when questions occur.

George TuttleComputer Services LibrarianPiedmont Library

The thermal counters from Traf-Sys are very reliable and have allowed us to collect data without disruption from the day of installation.

Bara SwinsonCirculation ManagerMonroe County Library

The Traf-Sys people counting systems have freed our staff from the painstaking and inaccurate manual counts that we used to do. The computerized data is reliable and gives us more credibility when we talk to our patrons.

Donald TuckerDirector of FacilitiesSacramento Public Library Authority

We benefit from Traf-Sys people counting systems by using our staff more effectively. We have also increased our knowledge of public campaigns and residue public browsing beforehand and afterwards.

Richard DavisComputer TechnicianPioneer Library System

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