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library people counters

Maintain Accurate Library Visitor Counts with Traf-Sys

Your library serves patrons by providing the resources, programming and space they need to learn, work and thrive. In order to serve patrons effectively, however, you need to know how they use your services.

Collecting visitor data is an essential part of running a library. This data helps you schedule staff, measure marketing effectiveness and defend important requests for funding. Though visitor data is important, it can also be difficult to collect. Counting patrons by hand using tick sheets distracts staff from more important work, like helping visitors, and often results in inaccurate data.

Our service team is dedicated to helping you implement people counting solutions that work. Contact a Traf-Sys representative today to see how our traffic counters can make a difference in your library’s operations.

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    Customer Testimonials

    Traf-Sys Library People Counters

    If you’re manually keeping track of patrons that visit your library, you can probably attest that when the staff becomes busy, the first thing that slips is the tally-keeping.

    People counters help you collect the accurate data you need to better serve your community. By investing in a library people counting system, you can make better use of your time and resources. With Traf-Sys, you don’t have to choose between taking care of your visitors and keeping track of patron counts.

    People counting systems allow libraries to gather and analyze patron traffic data. Whether you track a simple metric, such as how many people visit daily, or something more complex, such as how many people visit different sections, you can use data from a traffic counter to improve your library’s services and operate more efficiently. Here are just a few key ways that you can use a Traf-Sys people counter in your library:


    Track visitors automatically and accurately

    Patron counters allow you to count visitors easily and accurately. After installing a door counter or other system, you’ll receive reliable, daily traffic counts automatically and eliminate the hassle of using tick sheets. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your traffic and detect patterns in usage. Even better, you’ll free up staff for more important tasks.

    Support requests for funding

    Accurate library patron counts help you provide evidence in support of funding requests and grant applications. Use the insights you gain from patron counters to form strong grant and funding applications.

    Plan better displays

    Using detailed traffic counts, you can plan to place displays in your busiest areas. Find out where book or other media displays might be better placed, how access can be improved, and how signs can be more useful.

    Understand circulation rate

    Gain deeper insight by analyzing patron traffic in comparison to circulation. How many people enter your library and leave without checking anything out? When you understand your circulation rate, you can work to improve it by providing the resources and guidance your patrons need to make the most of your facility.

    Monitor success of promotional activities

    Traf-Sys software allows you to differentiate your day-to-day operations and traffic from special events and promotions. A Traf-Sys people counter solution can help you turn these promotions into traffic.

    library people counters

    How Do Our People Counting Systems Work?

    In order to provide the best possible data to our clients, Traf-Sys offers a variety of people counting systems, including overhead and horizontal door counters as well as thermal and video counters. Each of these systems works differently to provide accurate counts in different building layouts.

    Horizontal entrance counters work by counting the number of times an infrared sensor is interrupted. These sensors provide accurate data in narrow doorways through which only one person can pass at a time. For wider doorways and open areas, overhead counters provide more accurate numbers.

    Overhead systems count patrons in two ways: thermal sensors and video. Thermal sensors detect a person’s presence by their body heat. Video sensors count people on video footage. Both types have different advantages. Thermal sensors prioritize patron privacy, for example, while video sensors may provide increased accuracy.

    No matter what system you choose for your library, Traf-Sys software can help you analyze the data you collect. You can use our software to generate reports and insights about your library as well as access your data in real time through any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

    At Traf-Sys, our systems are 95 to 99 percent accurate, so you can use your data to make informed decisions with confidence.

    Improve Your Library’s Operations With Traf-Sys

    Collecting patron data can help your library use resources strategically and serve your patrons more effectively. Traf-Sys offers affordable people counting solutions for libraries just like yours. Our systems have proven beneficial in a number of prominent institutions, including the King County Library System, the Indianapolis Public Library, the Orange County Library System, the Harvard Public Library and many more.

    Looking to learn more about library people counters? Download our free eBook to find out more about the benefits.

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